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Career and Technical education prepares youth and adults for a wide range of careers.  The careers may require different levels of education from high school (with certifications) to four year college degrees.  Career and Technical educations covers a variety of challenging fields in diverse subject areas which are constantly evolving due to the ever changing global economy.  Classes offered through the CTE department provide students with occupational and life skills necessary for today's workforce.  Leadership opportunities are available through the career & technical youth organizations. 

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Family & Consumer Sciences
Fashion Design, Independent Living, Personal Finance, and Economics
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Early Childhood Education I, Early Childhood Education II, Teachers for Tomorrow, Gourmet Foods
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Sport Marketing, Marketing Coop and Intro to Marketing
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Galentine, Kelli  
Intro to Business, Accounting, and Advanced Accounting, Personal Finance
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CIS, Advanced CIS and Multimedia Design,  Intro to Business
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Tech. Ed.
Applied Tech II, and III.  AutoCAD I and II
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Mizikoski, Jeff
Tech Ed. I ,
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