• The course will be offered after school on Tuesdays starting after the New Year, dates will be announced soon!


    Learning to Fly Fish

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    The Fly Fishing course offered to Simpson Students will follow the curriculum established by The National Fishing in Schools Program and is supported by the Virginia Department of Natural Resources; who taught the certification course and provide the equipment and support. 


    This Basic Fly Fishing course will include:

    Knots and Leaders

    Basic Fly Casting

    Fish Identification

    Introduction to Insects

    Fly Line Management

    Line Hand Techniques

    Culminating Saturday event: Fishing at a lake in Leesburg


    The course is taught indoors.  The students will spend time learning the basic skills and needed topic information that supports their beginning fly-fishing skills and this complete learning should reinforces their desire to continue a lifetime of Fly Fishing. 


    The instructor, Jeff Lloyd, is a P.E. Teacher at Simpson and a Fly Fisherman who has been honing his craft for the last 55 Years.  While first picking up a fly rod at the age of ten, he has had the luck of fishing throughout the United States; from the founding limestone streams of his birthplace Pennsylvania, to the wild salmon rivers of Alaska, and many of the famed trout waters of the Great Rockies Mountains.  He has fished both trout and warm water fisheries down the East Coast from Maine to South Carolina.  His desire to hook into an Atlantic Salmon has taken him to England, Wales, Ireland and finally hooking the salmon of a lifetime in New Brunswick, Canada. 


    Fly Fishing is described as an “Art”.  The skill required to throw a fly line and catch a fish is only surpassed by the “Art of the Patience” needed to learn the fundamentals of the sport. 


    Students who elect to sign up for this course should have:

    •        the desire and knowledge that time and practice is needed to learn to fly fish.  You do not learn to Fly Fish in a day and most who learn to Fly Fish try never to go a day without it. 

    •        an understanding that the equipment provided to learn this sport is costly and needs constant caution and care.

    •        The understanding that safe fishing practices are of utmost importance.  The well-being of not only the fisherman but also those around him should be everyone's singular goal.  All students shall wear eye protective at all times.


    The best description of how Fly Fishing differs from Fishing is: 


    Fly Fishing is too Fishing as Skiing is too Sled-riding