• Mr. Waters

    Mr. Waters
     Educational Affiliations
    James Madison University 
    Mr. Waters earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Inter Disciplinary Liberal Studies (IDLS) from James Madison University,  and his Master's in Middle Education at JMU.  He is currently a 6th grade Language Arts teacher at Harper Park Middle School. He believes in collaboration, student-centered learning, and making connections with each student. Mr. and Mrs. Waters are proud parents of Brady and Ian Waters.
    "Every student can learn.  Just not on the same day. Or the same way."
                                                                                   -George Evans
     Course Information
    Google Classroom - Please ask your child to log on with you to view their Google Classroom. 
    A1- LA 6 B5- LA 6
    A2- LA 6 B6- Resource
    A3- Planning B7- LA 6
    A4- LA 6 B8- LA 6
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