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    Riverside Rams! Alexandra Banker
     American Sign Language

        Hello! Welcome to ASL! I'm Ms. Banker and teach all 4 levels of ASL at Riverside High School. 

        About me: I have been signing since I was 4 years old. It started with a book from the public library and continued with ASL classes throughout high school and  college. I have no deaf family members and didn't have any deaf friends until college. In fact, I had never met a deaf person until I was 15! I attended NTID/RIT in Rochester, NY for American Sign Language Interpreting. 


       Prior to become a teacher, I was a sign language interpreter for many years. Throughout my life, I always found myself teaching ASL to neighborhood kids, teaching classes at community centers, and educating everyone I knew about Deaf culture, Deaf history, and ASL. Now I think I finally found the perfect job here at Riverside High educating young minds and helping to shape the future. Teaching allows me to help students broaden their horizons, become more confident, and inspire leadership and independence. 


    My 2018-2019 Schedule:

     1st  ASL 2  5th  Group Planning
     2nd  ASL 1  6th  ASL 1
     3rd  ASL 3  7th  ASL 1
     4th  Planning  8th  Study Hall
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    Grading and Retake Policy
    World Languages & Cultures Grading Policy Riverside High School 2018-2019
    Students enrolled in any of the spoken languages (Spanish, French, & German) will find the categorical breakdown of their quarter grades as follows:
    Formative 10%
    Reading (Summative) 15%
    Writing (Summative) 15%
    Listening (Summative) 15%
    Speaking (Summative) 15%
    Grammar (Summative) 15%
    Vocabulary (Summative) 15%
    Students enrolled in Latin or American Sign Language (ASL) will find the categorical breakdown of their quarter grades as follows:
    Formative 10%
    Summative 90%

    Retakes are intended to allow students to show mastery (84%) and have the following guidelines: 

    • Students are eligible for a retake only if they have not achieved mastery (scored below an 84% on the assessment) 
    • Students may not receive a score greater than 84% on any retake attempt  
    • The retake is a single attempt 
    • All work (HW assignments, formative assessments, etc.) related to the assessment have been completed 
    • Students must complete remediation prior to the retake 
    • All retake attempts must be completed within two weeks after having been returned the original  
    • The highest score will be included in the overall grade calculation for the quarter 
    • Retakes are NOT offered on skills-based (reading, writing, listening, speaking) assessments, and county-wide assessments 


    ASL Choir- limited space available. Auditions TBA.
    RAMS Knit Club- for those who are interested in knitting and crochet.