• Dear Panther Community,


    This school year we are transitioning from FLEX to a Study Hall model. The new model will be referred to as Panther CORE and each student has Panther CORE time in  their schedule. Panther CORE is a student driven block of time that allows for enrichment, support, and intervention as needed. The reason for the change is to allow student support (CORE) to be driven by need and not by a set schedule. This means that students can get enrichment and support that is driven by when they need it and not when the schedule allows it.


    The other change that we are implementing this year is a weekly advisory. All students are assigned an advisory teacher and they are intended to remain with this advisory teacher for all 4 years of high school. The purpose of Advisory is to build stronger relationships with students and this is supported by weekly lessons and predesigned activities. A committee of teachers and administrators have been working and will continue to work on this throughout the year. Any feedback you have is appreciated!


    More information will be available at Freshman Orientation, Parent Orientation, and Back to School Night. Feel free to get in touch if you need additional clarification.


    Thanks for your support!

    Brandon G. Wolfe, Ed.D.