headshot picture Welcome to Intro to Computer Applications!!!!  


     Greetings, I am Mrs. Gaffney your Intro to Computer Applications teacher I am thankful to be teaching at Eagle Rige Middle School since 2017. Prior to my teaching career I worked at various small businesses in Virginia and New York where I am originally from.  During my previous career as a manager in an international importing company I have traveled extensively throughout the world learning various cultures and buiness norms. I am always excited to share my experiences with students as they relate to business lessons in our class. 

    In addition to my business knowledge I have three children all of who are or have been in Loudoun County Public Schools.  My third is currently enjoying his Middle School years so I can relate to parent experiences. I enjoy gardening, watching sporting events and riding my horse. I look forward to getting to know each of you this semester!

    Our class will be a place students will enjoy learning important skills they will use in their education and post education endevors. I am a strong believer that effective communication skills are the key to success, so please email me with any questions or concerns.

    Contact me at pgaffney@lcps.org 




    Mrs. Gaffneys Schedule In LAB 3

               A Days                                       B Days

    Block 1A: Intro ro Comp Apps                  Block 5B: Planning

    Block 2A: Planning                                  Block 6B: Intro to Comp Apps

    Block 3A: Intro to Comp Apps                  Block 7B: Intro to Comp Apps 

    Block 4A: Intro to Comp Apps                  Block 8B: Intro to Comp Apps