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Ponferrada, Spain
    This is the third year Sra. Maria Castillo is teaching at Potomac Falls High School. She is originally from Perú. She was an exchange student in the USA for one year and graduated from high school. She obtained two bachelor degrees in education from accredited universities in Perú, a master's degree in Spanish from George Mason University and currently working on a second master's in Spanish and Cultures from Salamanca University in Spain. She has fourteen years of experience teaching language acquisition in elementary and high school levels. 
    She is a very passionate person and a strong believer that people can achieve anything they want, they just need to work for it! Traveling is what she enjoys the most, and she is very interested in promoting cultural respect, tolerance, and understanding through communication.
    This year, Sra. Castillo is teaching Spanish I, Spanish IV and Spanish for Fluent Speakers II(SFS). The classes are designed to develop and improve the students' skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Extra help for Spanish I, IV and SFS II is available Wednesday from 8:15 am - 9:00 am by appointment to clarify and work on a specific topic. If you need to contact Sra. Castillo e-mail her. Assignments are posted in Google classroom.
    Sra. Castillo's schedule at Potomac Falls High School 2018-2019 
                         A Days                                                         
    Block 1  Spanish I        Room 103
    Block 2  Planning         Room 101  
    Block 3  CORE             Room 210     
    Block 4  Spanish IV(H) Room 103
                         B Days 
    Block 5   Planning        Room 101
    Block 6   Spanish I       Room 103
    Block 7   Spanish I       Room 103
    Block 8   SFS 2            Room 105             
    Contact information: email
                                   Phone number (703)445-5960         
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