• Mr. Eric Penka- Social Studies 7- Team BOLT

     Educational Affiliations
    Bowling Green State University 
    Antioch University
    Eric Penka earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Psychology from Bowling Green State University and his Master's in Educational Leadership from Antioch University.  He is currently ranked as one of the Top 3 U.S. History Teachers in 7th Grade at Harper Park. 
    Eric Penka doesn't normally speak about himself in the third person, however it does make him seem more distinguished.
    Eric Penka has been proudly serving the Harper Park students and community for 11 years, and he hopes that he'll continue to do so in this, his 12th year.

     Course Information
    Class notes and electronic assignments will be posted in Schoology
    A1-I.F. B5- US History 2
    A2-I.F. B6-CLT
    A3-I.F. B7-US History 2
    A4-I.F. B8-US History 2
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