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    Amy Ramirez
    Department: World Languages and Cultures (WLC)
    A Day: Rock Ridge HS All day
    B Day: 8th block (by appointment)

     Phoenix   Vision


    Bienvenidos a la clase de Español!


    Hola! My name is Amy Ramirez and I look forward to teaching Spanish at Broad Run High School this year! I am an alum of James Madison University (Goooo Dukes!), having studied Psychology and Modern Foreign Languages. I am also a LCPS alum, having spent my whole life in Loudoun County. I love to travel, learning new languages (my goal is to become proficient in 13), and binge-watching shows on Netflix. I am a proud mother of a lovely pug named Teddy who has an affinity for plastic water bottles. I enjoy playing soccer and sharing my passion of foreign languages with others. I look forward to a successful school year at BRHS! Go Spartans!

    A Days:
    Rock Ridge HS (All Day)
    B Days: 
    5th: Spanish I (RM 129)
    6th: Spanish I (RM 129)
    7th: Study Hall (RM 204B)
    8th: Planning (by appointment)
    • Bachelor of Arts, James Madison University (Gooooo Dukes!)
    Other Information:
    I try my best to contact parents/guardians consistently throughout the year. However, if you would like ot contact me, email is probably the best way to obtain initial contact. Please allow 24 hours for a response during a weekday, 36 hours during the weekend. Thank you!