• Learning Specialist: Civics/English 8

     Educational Affiliations
    California University Of Pennsylvania 

    Ms. Malli 

     I grew up in a rural town called Eighty-Four in Pennsylvania…home of the 84 Lumber company.  Upon high school graduation, I attended California University of Pennsylvania.  It was originally a state teacher’s college and as a university it continues to have the best Special Education and Technology Education programs in the entire state.  I proudly graduated and earned my teaching degree in Special Education in 1993.   From there I moved to the Winchester, VA area and began my teaching career at Grafton School in Berryville, VA.  I remained there for three years.  Grafton is a year-round private residential school for those students who have severe behavioral and or learning disabilities.  Needless to say, it was a tremendous learning experience and one that I have greatly benefited from over the years.  I then entered the public school system and spent my next four years of teaching at James Wood High School in Frederick County, VA.  I taught grades 9-11 and taught a variety of subjects.  Finally, in 2000, I applied to Loudoun County Public Schools and was welcomed into Harper Park Middle School.  My final destination had been reached.  From the faculty to the students/parents and then to the community…this school is awesome!   

      This year, in addition to teaching two of my own 8th grade English and Civics and Economics classes, I am also co-teaching with Mrs. Matos (English 8), Mr. Fisher (English 8), and Mrs. Reedy (Civics and Economics).  The three of us have a terrific working relationship, and I look forward to yet another exciting and successful year!

      This year, I am also co-sponsor of "Harper Tales" with Mrs. Flaks.  Please see the description on HPMS web page for additional information.  We hope to have any and all writing enthusiasts join us each week.  


     Course Information
      Parents and students can access all class information (tests, quizzes, etc.) for both my Block 4 and Block 7 classes via the PHOENIX calendar.  Additionally, they have all listed assigment issued in their personal agendas.
    A1- Civics and Economics B5- English 8
    A2- English 8 B6- Planning
    A3- Planning/CLT B7- Civics and Economics
    A4- Civics and Economics B8- Resource
       If students are in a team-taught class with either Mrs. Reedy, Mrs. Matos, or Mr. Fisher and myself, they are already enrolled in a VISION course or GOOGLE CLASSROOM under that teacher.  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zjFsXSd3l55h9D037-AUDsy319bXnPp3/view
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