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    TUSCARORA High School

    801 North King Street

    Leesburg, Virginia 20176

    Website: www.lcps.org

    E-Mail: ths@lcps.org

    Absentee Email: thsabsentee@lcps.org


    Tuscarora High School         (571) 252-1900

    Main Office Fax                     (571) 252-1901

    Attendance Call-In                (571) 252-1902

    Guidance Department         (571) 252-1907

    Guidance Fax                         (571) 252-1908

    Athletic Sports Hotline        (571) 252-1911

    Athletic Department            (571) 252-1910

    Athletic Fax                            (571) 252-1912

    Band                                       (571) 252-1903

    Choral                                     (571) 252-1904

    Drama                                     (571) 252-1905

    Clinic                                       (571) 252-1906

    Cafeteria                                (571) 252-1913



    It is a pleasure to welcome you to Tuscarora High School for the 2019-2020 school year. We challenge you to get involved and take ownership of your school and of your education. We will make every effort to see that you feel welcome, supported, and safe here.

    You, as a student, have access to this planner to help you organize your school work and plan for your extracurricular activities. Your teachers will help you understand the planner, which is one option for you to utilize in an effort to organize yourself. Look at it as a way to manage your time while you develop your organizational skills, which are skills you will use throughout your life.

    Your success in school depends on your ability to motivate yourself and persist in the face of frustrations and adversity. You need to be able to delay gratification and control impulses. It helps if you can be “centered” and balanced. Certainly this agenda is one way to organize your life and find balance.

    High school is not always an easy time, but there are plenty of adults who care about you and are willing to help. Get involved in the school; it will help your outlook and attitude. Success will come if you are in your classes every day, on time, prepared, and willing to work.

    We hope your year is a successful one filled with memorable firsts as we embark upon this adventure together. I look forward to meeting you individually in the weeks to come.

    Mrs. Pamela Croft
    Principal, Tuscarora High School 

    *NOTE: Parents with child-care or other weekday scheduling concerns – dates of the Moveable Planning/Records/Conference Day between first and second semesters may change if the school calendar must be changed due to school closings for inclement weather or other emergencies.*


    Principal, Ms. Pamela Croft

    Assistant Principals:

    Mr. Nekeya Ailsworth, Students A - G

    Dr. Fredericka Harris, Students H - N

    Ms. Suyi Chuang, Students O - Z

    Director of School Counseling, Ms. Jennifer Reed

    Registrar, Ms. Michelle Vocke

    School Counseling Secretary, Maral Amado

    Career Resource Assistant, Mr. Michael Newkirk

    Athletic Director, Mr. Tony Tallent

    Asst. Athletic Director, Ms. Hailey Smith

    Athletic Trainer, Ms. Stacy Kress

    Activities and Student Engagement Coordinator, Rian Vanzego

    Safety and Security, Ms. Breana Smart

    Bookkeeper, Ms. Veronica Hollenquest

    School Nurse, Ms. Elizabeth Rodney 


    Achievement is the criterion teachers should use in determining a student’s grade. Personal characteristics, character, conduct, and personality affect the grade only insofar as they are reflected in the quality of the student’s achievement.

    Evaluation is based upon attainment of the instructional and performance objectives assigned to the student. These objectives may include daily assignments, homework, quizzes, class participation, projects, tests, and examinations. Nine weeks grades are a composite of all evaluations made during a marking period.

    TUSCARORA High School Honor Code


    The Tuscarora High School community values respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, citizenship, and concern for others. We expect members of our school community to be honest, independent in their work, trustworthy, respectful of peers and staff, and responsible for their actions and choices. Young people upholding these standards would not consider cheating, plagiarizing, lying, or committing forgery.


    Cheating includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Using unauthorized study aids during a test
    • Manipulating a teacher’s grade book
    • Copying another student’s work, including homework assignments
    • Deliberately allowing another student to copy your work
    • Giving or receiving signals during a test
    • Coercing another student to provide unauthorized help

    Plagiarism is “using someone else’s words or ideas without giving proper credit, or any credit at all, to the writer of the original” (A Guide to MLA Documentation, 1999).

    Sources of information that must be acknowledged include, but are not limited to, the following:

    Print Materials

    Visual Presentations

    Oral Presentations




    Computer printouts




    Musical scores




    Art Work







    Live performances



    Electronic Media

    Computer programs

    Computer Services

    Television programs

    Video recordings

    Video disks

    Web sites

    Lying and Forgery include, but are not limited to, the following:

    • Deliberately telling an untruth or falsehood
    • Any form of deceit, attempted deception, or fraud
    • Providing false information to administrators, faculty members, or other staff members
    • Falsifying any school document
    • Signing any signature that is not one’s own
    • Altering or falsifying notes and passes

    Procedures & Penalties:

    • When there is evidence that cheating or plagiarism has occurred, the teacher may…
    • Assign the student a grade of F for the activity without the opportunity for make-up work
    • Advise the student’s parent of the infraction
    • Refer the incident to the administration
    • Upon referral, the administrator shall…
    • Meet with the student
    • Record the incident in the student’s comprehensive disciplinary file
    • Notify the advisor of the National Honor Society

    In the event of lying or forgery, additional disciplinary action may be taken in accordance with the seriousness of the offense.

    If a second infraction of the Honor Code occurs, the teacher and administrator shall follow the same procedure. Additionally, community service will be assigned to the student.


    Absence from school for any period of time will result in the loss of learning. It is important for each student to be present to take full advantage of educational opportunities. Students are required to make up work missed, regardless of the reason for absence.

    Clinic Release

    Students must sign out in the main office.

    Students must have their release approved by the nurse and/or an administrator.

    Early Dismissal

    Students may only be dismissed during the school day for one of the reasons listed under excused absences. Students must follow the procedures listed below:

    A written request from the parent or guardian is to be submitted by the student to the attendance office before the 9:15 a.m. tardy bell. This request must be approved before a student is permitted to leave. The request must include the telephone number where a parent may be reached during the day.

    The student will be given a blue slip that includes the early dismissal information.

    Emergencies: only in emergencies should the parent call the school and ask for the dismissal of the student. In such cases, the parent must come in to pick up the student if the phone request is made after 11:00 a.m.

    All students approved for early dismissal must leave their early dismissal slips at the attendance window and sign out before leaving.

    Excused Absences

    • Personal illness- Doctor’s notes will be requested for excessive absences.
    • Death in the family
    • Medical appointments- -Note required upon return to school
    • Court appearances- -Note required upon return to school
    • Illness in the immediate family that requires the student to be absent
    • Emergencies to be approved by the principal
    • Trips or activities that enhance or extend the student’s education, when approved by the principal in advance

    Phone-in Line

    Parents are requested to use the 24-hour attendance line (571-252-1902) to notify the school of an absence. If the parent has not called school by 10:30 a.m. on the day a student is absent, the school will make every effort to call the parent to verify the absence. Any absence not confirmed by the parent will be considered unexcused.


    If no parent call was made on the day of the absence, a note verifying the absence must be presented to the attendance office when the student returns to school.

    Doctor’s notes suffice for absence verification.

    Tardies to Class

    Five minutes are allowed for travel between classes. A student is expected to be in the classroom when the tardy bell rings.

    Unexcused tardy to class disciplinary action per nine weeks:

    • 1st tardy   =   warning and student signature
    • 2nd tardy =   call to parent
    • 3rd tardy   =   teacher-assigned lunch detention
    • 4th tardy   =   written referral to administrator with copy of tardy log documentation

    Tardies to School per Semester

    School begins at 9:15 a.m. Students are expected to be in class on time. Excused tardies are issued for the same reasons as excused absences. Students arriving late to school should be sent to the attendance office. Students with repeat tardies will have a referral sent to an administrator after appropriate documentation has been completed. Students who choose to drive to school cannot use car trouble, construction, or traffic accidents as an excused tardy to school because bus transportation is provided.

    Out of class without permission* (skipping policy)

    • 1st offense - Friday School and parent contact
    • 2nd offense - Parent conference required and referral to guidance counselor**
    • 3rd offense – 3 hours community service and/or 1 day of ISR
    • 4th offense – 2 days of In-School Restriction
    • 5th offense - 1 day of suspension and a parent conference
    • 6th offense - 3 days of suspension
    • 7th offense - Suspension to Principal

    *A student can make up work from any unexcused absence.

    Leaving School without Permission

    Leaving school without permission will result in the following consequences:

    • 1st offense – In-School Restriction and/or Saturday School
    • 2nd offense – 2 days In-School Restriction
    • 3rd offense – Mandatory parent conference with administrator and guidance counselor
    • 4th offense – 3 days ISR
    • 5th offense – Suspension from school or administrator discretion to effect change
    • 6th offense – Suspension from school and conference with the principal

    Truancy from School

    • 1st offense - In-School Restriction or Saturday School
    • 2nd offense – Friday/Saturday School Combination and Parent Conference
    • 3rd offense – 2 days ISR and referral to School Support Team
    • 4th offense – Referral to attendance officer for conference
    • 5th offense – 3 days ISR
    • 6th offense - Referral to truancy officer for action
    • 7th offense - Suspension to the principal or administrator discretion


    Tuscarora High School discourages visitors during the school day. Exceptions must be approved by the Principal one week in advance of the visit. Requests must be made by parents. Exceptions are usually made to provide an opportunity for students who are considering enrollment at THS. We will not allow social visits (such as relatives visiting from out of town).



    The school clinic is open from 8:30 a.m. - 4:15 p.m. After 3:30 p.m. the clinic is open for emergencies, but not for routine matters. Students may expect to remain in the clinic no more than one hour. Parents will be contacted to arrange for the student to be sent home if one hour of recovery is not enough. It is vital that each student have a completed emergency card on file in the clinic in the event it becomes necessary for the school to contact the parent during the day or transport the student by a rescue vehicle.

    All students are to follow the procedures listed below as well as procedures set forth by the school nurse:

    • If a student becomes ill, the student is to report to his/her regularly scheduled class and secure a pass from the teacher. EMERGENCIES: Only in an emergency is the student to report to the clinic during the change of classes.
    • If a student has a health problem which may necessitate frequent visits to the clinic, the parent should contact the school nurse.
    • A student who is ill must never leave school without being dismissed by the school nurse or a principal.
    • Students 18 years or older who live with their parents/guardians will need parental permission for dismissal from the clinic.

    Student Medication: The parents of students who require oral medication are requested to administer such medication at home if possible. If students must take medication while at school, parents are requested to supply the medication and written directions from the attending physician, stating dosage, type of medication and how it is to be administered by the school nurse. Medication must be brought to school in the original container with appropriate label intact. Parent/Guardian must bring medication to the nurse. Medication will be kept in a locked medicine area of the clinic. No medication may be taken by students unless under the supervision of the school nurse, the principal, or the principal’s designee.

    If a child has a chronic disease requiring that an emergency dose of life-saving medication be kept at school, a statement from the attending physician on the type of medication, dosage, and method of administration should be obtained and approved by the school nurse. Such medication must be kept in a locked place, known by and accessible to the principal, secretary, and school nurse. Any deviation from this procedure must be approved by the school principal.

    Students who are obviously ill (feverish or vomiting) should be kept at home.


    Students should obtain a guidance office request or a pass. Arrangements are to be made before school.  Parents may arrange conferences with the guidance staff by calling (571)252-1907.


    Students are advised to seek assistance from school personnel (teachers, administrators, or counselors) in order to settle disputes peacefully, without violence or the threat of violence. School personnel will refer conflicts to student mediators or to staff mediation.

    Fights are not mediated; fights result in suspensions. However, students returning to school after suspension for fighting may be requested to attend mediation on the day they return.


    The guidance counselors help students to understand personal abilities, interests, and special aptitudes, and to acquire career, vocational, educational, and scholarship information. Each student is assigned a counselor, but a student may request to see any counselor.


    Students who have been absent three or more consecutive days may call the guidance office to request missed work. Please call by 9:30 A.M.


    At the mid-point of a grading period, interim reports are available to all parents via ParentVue.


    Students may seek help from a trained group of students. Services are kept confidential. Students can refer themselves or friends who have problems.


    Special needs of students and parents should be brought to the attention of the administration. Tuscarora strives to meet the academic and medical needs of all students and to communicate effectively with all parents.


    The parent or guardian should notify the counselor in writing that the student is transferring or withdrawing from Tuscarora High School and should provide reasons for the release. The counselor will provide the necessary forms for obtaining student grades and teacher signatures. All forms should be returned to the guidance office, and all books should be returned to the main office.


    The library is a student-centered and patron-friendly place that supports the mission of THS.

    Passes are required while visiting during the school day and students sign in when visiting. The library is a great place to work in a group and individually. We provide a welcoming, supervised atmosphere for all students every day after school.

    LCPS Subscription Databases on the THS Library Website are to be used for student research. They may be accessed from home or any student device through LCPSGo or on the Library Web site. Most of the databases require the username: lcpsh and password: high except for SAFARI Montage, a video on-demand subscription, it may be found in LCPSGo.

    There is no limit to the number of books, magazines, and audio books that may be checked out. Students may still check out items if they have overdue items. Students will receive notice at school for overdue items. There are no fines for overdue items, but if an item is lost or damaged, a bill detailing the replacement cost is issued.

    The Student Supplies Area has markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, staplers, and other supplies for students to use in the library. We welcome student, teacher, and parent participation in all library programming and welcome suggestions.


    The information systems and Internet access available at THS are intended for educational purposes only. The use of the information systems is a privilege, not a right.

    The term “information systems” as used herein includes, but is not limited to the following: hardware, software, communication lines and devices, graphing calculators, terminals, printers, CD-ROM/DVD devices, scanners, and any computers.

    The term “users” as used herein includes all staff members, students, volunteers, parents and other individuals using any portion of the information systems (technology resources). The information systems are operated for the benefit of all concerned and all users are expected to assist in the successful operation of the facilities. Users should not do, or attempt to do, anything that might disrupt the operation of the network or equipment and/or interfere with the learning of students.

    The following guidelines are intended to help users understand appropriate use. All access to information systems shall be pre-approved by the principal or program manager. Tuscarora High School may restrict or terminate any user’s access, without prior notice, if such action is deemed necessary to maintain computing availability and security for other users of the systems. Disciplinary action may also be imposed as stated in the Loudoun County Public School Students Rights and Responsibilities (SR&R) handbook.

    Ethical Conduct for Electronic Users

    • With the use of information resources and information technology, it is the responsibility of all users:
    • To recognize and honor the intellectual property of others.
    • To comply with legal restrictions regarding plagiarism and copyright.
    • To restrict the use of information systems to the mission or function of the school system; the use of computer systems for personal use unrelated to the mission of the school system or for private gain is prohibited.
    • To help maintain the integrity of the school information system; deliberate tampering, modifying or experimentation of the computer system or network is not allowed.

    Educational Use

    • The information systems are intended for educational purposes. Users are responsible for the ethical and educational use of their network accounts.
    • No games are to be played at any time on any school computer.
    • Only school-related files are to be saved on accounts. Storing commercial software and/or games or hidden files to accounts is not permitted.
    • Saving to the hard disk drive is granted only by permission of the network administrator.

    Respect for Others

    User should respect the rights of others using a lab and/or network. Users are required to do the following:

    • Use an assigned workstation, if required by teacher.
    • Always log off workstations or any device using your network login.
    • Avoid deliberately attempting to disrupt system performance and/or interfering with work of another users.
    • Leave equipment and room in good condition for next user/class.

    Respect for Security

    • Accounts on the systems at THS are considered secure, although security of any data cannot be guaranteed.
    • Use only your account/password. It is a violation to give access to your account to any other user.
    • Users may not read, modify, or remove files and/or mail owned by other users without prior approval by the instructor or program manager.
    • Each account owner is responsible for all actions under his/her account.
    • Accounts and data may be monitored at any time.

    Respect for Property

    Software Installation:

    Software may be installed on the school information systems (including all individual workstations or devices) only with prior approval of the network system administrator or division.

    Software Copyright:

    • The only software to be used on systems in the school are those products for which the school owns a valid license or that the school may legally use.
    • Licensed/copyrighted software is not generally available for borrowing and may be used at other sites only with approval of the network administrator.
    • Users shall not download copyrighted software from the Internet or further transmit it in any form without compliance with all terms of a pre-authorized licensing agreement.
    • Infringement or violations of U.S. or international copyright laws or restrictions will not be tolerated.
    • Any attempt to circumvent the licensing control or to copy software is prohibited.


    • Report equipment problems immediately to the instructor.
    • Turn your device into the Library if you have a problem with your Chromebook.  It will be wiped or replaced.
    • Leave workstations and peripherals in their designated places.
    • Keep work areas neat and clean; no gum, food, or drink, or personal grooming in any area where computers are located is allowed.
    • Do not remove any parts of computers or peripherals (such as letters off keyboards, mouse parts, etc.).
    • Take proper care of your individual learning device.
    • Abide by the Acceptable User Policy you agree to each time you login to a school owned device, or the LCPS Wi-Fi.
    • Adult supervision is mandatory.

    Mail Usage

    • Students have electronic communication (including e-mail) privileges as authorized by the LCPS administration. Responsibilities:
    • Electronic communication (including e-mail) is to be restricted to appropriate communication and must comply with LCPS Acceptable Use standards.
    • All mail communication must reflect the sender’s account ID.
    • Make sure any mail you receive does not contain pornographic material, inappropriate information, or text-encoded files that are potentially dangerous to the integrity of the hardware on the school premises.
    • Real-time messaging, bulletin boards, and on-line chat may only be used with permission of the instructor.
    • Do not reveal personal information in correspondence with unknown parties.

    Internet/World Wide Web Usage

    The term “Internet access” includes all methodologies used to connect to individual computer networks around the world.

    The term “World Wide Web” (WWW) is an Internet service that organizes the information using graphics and point-and-click technology. Each document can contain embedded reference to images, audio or other documents. Users can browse for information by following references. The term “home page” as used herein is a page of information accessible through the WWW. The page can contain a mixture of graphics and text and can include embedded references to other such pages.


    The user exercising his/her privilege to use the Internet as an educational resource shall also accept responsibility for all material received under his/her account.

    The purpose of Internet use at Tuscarora High School is to support research and education. All Internet use must comply with this purpose as indicated in the LCPS Student’s Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, the LCPS Acceptable Use Agreement for Secondary Students and the THS Technology/Computer Use Policy. Users are prohibited from accessing portions of the Internet that do not comply with these policies. Students are cautioned not to type personal information into any internet/www site. NOTE: Any infringement of this policy will result in disciplinary action that may include, but not be limited to, suspension or termination of the user’s account for a period of time.


    All students are expected to abide by the regulations governing passengers on school buses. Students who misbehave on school buses may be denied the privilege of being transported on buses.

    Students who ride on a school bus in the morning must return home on the same bus in the afternoon unless they have secured a bus pass. A special pass will be granted if the student presents a written excuse from a parent or guardian to a school secretary before the start of school.



    • Clear trays and food from cafeteria tables before leaving.
    • Deposit all trash in wastebaskets.
    • Never take food or drink out of the cafeteria.
    • Acquire a pass to leave the cafeteria at times other than the dismissal bell.
    • Take pride in your cafeteria. Respect others coming in after you.


    Students may request a locker. All lockers are school property and are issued as a privilege and a convenience. Damage to a locker may result in a fine being assessed by a school administrator. Lockers may be searched by the administration. The school is not responsible for items lost or stolen from a locker.  See Mr. Ailsworth for a locker or ask your study hall or Advisory teacher to email him.  These are the expectations for use of school lockers:

    • Maintain a clean locker inside and out.
    • Do not leave valuables in your locker.
    • Do not bring backpacks to the PE locker room
    • Do not share your locker with others not assigned to share your locker.
    • Secure your Physical Education locker prior to reporting to gym class.


    The Lost and Found is located in the main office. Students wishing to turn in found items or to check for lost items should check with school staff. Items in lost and found will be donated quarterly if not retrieved.


    Permission to drive to Tuscarora and to park in the school lot is a privilege. Students must register and display a parking permit issued through the main office. Students are not to return to their cars during the school day. Abuse of this privilege will result in disciplinary action.


    • Maintain clean restrooms
    • Visit restrooms during class changes
    • NO S M O K I N G


    The “Kennel” is open before school in Room 308. It offers a wide range of products:

    • School supplies and snacks
    • Husky attire
    • Spirit products


    The opportunity to use Senior Court is an earned privilege for seniors. The court is to be cleaned and maintained by seniors. The court will be closed at the discretion of the administration if students neglect to keep the area clean as required.



    • Bring money sufficient to meet only daily school needs
    • Cell phones, digital recorders IPOD/ MP3/ Walkman players, handheld games and other electronic devices are to be locked up when in school. THS is NOT responsible for stolen items.
    • Students should not give out their locker combinations
    • Do not leave personal items unlocked and unsecured in the gym locker room
    • Report thefts to the Safety and Security Specialist.



    Such information should be updated with the office immediately. Please notify the school when there is a change in home and/or work address and/or phone numbers. The school should also be notified if there is a change in the emergency contact phone number.


    The goal of the staff, administration and students of Tuscarora High School is to establish a school environment which is conducive to learning and free of disruption and threat to person or property. All students should meet the following basic expectations:

    • Be courteous, cooperative, and respectful to everyone
    • Be on time.
    • Bring textbooks, course materials, and your Tuscarora Student Agenda Planner to class.
    • Contribute to class discussion and participate fully in classroom activities.


    Money collected for school organizations must be turned in immediately to the sponsor and should never be taken home.


    Open bottles, squeeze bottles, and drink cans are not allowed out of the cafeteria during the school day, except for clear plastic bottles of water.


    • Tickets for all dances must be purchased during designated times.
    • For all dances the doors will close at a designated time. The time will be announced and posted in the area where tickets are being sold.
    • Out-of-school guests are not permitted at informal dances.
    • Any infraction of school regulations could result in suspension from all extracurricular activities or other appropriate disciplinary action.
    • Once students enter the building for the dance, they must remain inside. Going out of the building means no re- entry- no exception.
    • All out-of-school guests for formal dances must be registered and approved by the administration.


    Public displays of affection are not appropriate in the academic setting. Example: Kissing.


    Distribution of any non-school related material must be approved by the school administration.

    No posters should be displayed in the school without permission of the principal, then can only be posted on the bulletin boards in the hallways.


    Proper dress and grooming are primarily the responsibility of the parent or guardian. However, the school has the responsibility to see that the cleanliness, dress, and grooming of students do not present a danger to the health or safety of themselves or their fellow students, do not prevent them from performing regularly required school activities, do not cause a disruption of the orderly functioning of the school, or do not cause excessive wear or damage to school property.

    Students will be provided T-shirts when possible to remedy the problem. Parents may be requested to provide a change of clothes. Repeated failure of a student to abide by the dress code may result in disciplinary action.

    All students who attend Loudoun County Public Schools are expected to dress appropriately for a K-12 educational environment. A student’s attire should facilitate the participation in learning as well as the health and safety of students. This policy is intended to provide guidance for students, staff and parents.

    Appropriate Student Attire. Students must wear clothing that is appropriate to a K-12 educational environment and that does not or is not likely to cause a substantial disruption that includes the following attire:

    • Clothing that covers private areas and should be opaque.
    • Clothing that is suitable for all scheduled classroom activities where unique hazards exist.
    • Clothing that is required in specialized courses, such as sports uniforms or safety gear.
    • Faces should be clearly visible by other students and staff, as a reasonable measure of safety and security.
    • Clothing free from language that is profane or images that depict, advertise or advocate illegal, violent or lewd conduct, the unlawful possession or use of weapons, drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol, tobacco, marijuana or other controlled substances or are discriminatory.
    • Clothing and/or head coverings free from gang related or associated symbols, such as words or drawings that could pose a reasonable threat to the health or safety of any other student or staff.


    Student Responsibility. Students are responsible for complying with the division dress code during school hours and school sponsored activities.

    Staff Responsibility. Staff are responsible for communicating and equitably enforcing the division dress code during school hours and school-sponsored activities.

    Parent Responsibility. Parents or guardians are responsible for ensuring student compliance with the division dress code. Parents or guardians of students requiring accommodation for religious beliefs, disabilities, or other good causes should contact the principal or principal’s designee.


    • Enforcement of this policy is the responsibility of the school administration.
    • Enforcement must be reasonably discreet, equitable, and gender neutral in implementation.
    • Enforcement should include options for reasonable remediation of the infraction that demonstrates respect and where possible, minimizes loss of instructional time.
    • Enforcement may include disciplinary actions that are consistent with other discipline policies and sufficiently escalatory to encourage compliance.

    Appeals. In accordance with policy §8-26 parents or guardians may appeal a disciplinary action by notifying the office of the appropriate person to whom the appeal is made.


    During fire drills or any emergency evacuation, students are expected to remain with their class, to proceed outside in a quiet, orderly fashion, and to respond to roll when it is called.


    If the school experiences an unwanted intruder, Lockdown will be announced on the public address system. All students and teachers must remain in their assigned classrooms. Students in the hallways are to be ushered to a nearby classroom. School safety drills will be carried out throughout the school year.


    Machines in the gym area are for after-school activities. Students are not permitted to use these machines during the school day.


    Running in the halls is not permitted. Horseplay and slap fighting will not be tolerated. Profanity will not be tolerated.

    20/20 RULE:

    Students are not allowed to leave class during the first 20 or last 20 minutes of each class. It is vital for instruction to begin at the bell, free of disruption, and that students are in class to benefit from the close of a lesson at the end of the period. Students are required to take care of restroom breaks between classes as they will not be permitted to leave class unless an emergency arises.


    Homework is an important aspect of the educational process and is a natural extension of the school day. Homework may be assigned to reinforce and broaden classroom activities and provide an opportunity for independent study.

    Purposes of Homework:

    • To practice skills introduced and developed in class
    • To enrich the school program by pursuing activities that can be shared with classmates the following day
    • To provide for independent study or projects

    Teachers will discuss their homework policies, which will meet the expectations and guidelines of the Loudoun County Public Schools and Tuscarora High School policies/expectations, during the first week of school. Students are expected to complete assignments fully and on time in accordance with these policies.


    Students are to leave the school premises immediately following the end of the school day unless they are reporting to a school-sponsored activity.



    A reasonable time making up work from for a one-day absence is 2 – 3 class meetings.

    When a student has a prolonged absence, special consideration will be given.

    When a student misses a previously announced test, paper, quiz, project or assignment, the student must make-up the activity the first day he/she meets with that class.

    If a student is present for part of a day, all previously announced assignments are due that day.

    FAILURE TO MAKE-UP WORK MAY RESULT IN A FAILING GRADE. Make-up work completed on time is graded on the same basis as other schoolwork. We will make every effort to work with students to get work made up as we realize circumstances vary.


    Students will not be in the halls without a pass. Students will not be called to the telephone unless an emergency exists. Being in an unauthorized location or outside the building is not permitted and may result in disciplinary action.


    Students must sign out in the attendance office whenever they have an authorized early release, early dismissal, or clinic release. Failure to do so will result in disciplinary action.

    Students must also sign in when arriving to school tardy or when coming back from an early dismissal.


    Good sportsmanship is characterized by generosity and genuine concern for others. Sportsmanship is evidenced by displaying understanding and commitment to fair play, ethical behavior and integrity. Tuscarora is committed to supporting and upholding the sportsmanship standards of the Virginia High School League which states “ACTIONS are to be FOR, NOT AGAINST; POSITIVE, NOT NEGATIVE OR DISRESPECTFUL”. Inappropriate behavior and actions will result in disciplinary action. Everyone is asked to commit to the standards of good sportsmanship.

    Athletic and extracurricular participants must comply with all expectations as specified in school, county, district, and VHSL policies. These expectations are reviewed by coaches and sponsors prior to the season or activity.


    • Our opponents and the officials are our guests.
    • We cheer loudly and freely, but in an orderly manner.
    • We help keep this a game; we are opponents, not enemies.
    • Spectators represent their schools, as do the athletes.


    • Treat opponents with respect; shake hands prior to and after contests.
    • Respect the judgment of the officials.
    • Accept the responsibility and privilege of representing the school and community seriously.


    Realize that a ticket is a privilege to observe a contest and support high school activities, not a license to assault others verbally or to be obnoxious. A spectator displaying unsportsmanlike conduct will be removed from the contest.

    • Respect decisions made by officials.
    • Be a positive supporter of the team.
    • Respect other fans, coaches, and participants.


    All students are allowed to participate in the sports program provided they meet the following requirements:

    Bona Fide Student Rule – You must be enrolled in and in good standing in the school you represent.

    Grade Rule – You must be enrolled in the last four years of high school. Eighth-grade student may participate in high school academic activities and at the sub-varsity level in high school athletic activities for one year only while in the eighth grade without affecting high school eligibility

    Scholarship Rule – You must have passed at least five credit subjects, or the equivalent, at the end of the previous semester and be enrolled in and remain continuously enrolled in at least five credit subjects, or the equivalent during the current semester. (Under most 4X4 block plans, one block is the equivalent of two traditional credits and students who takes/passing the equivalent of six) NOTE: A STUDENT MAY NOT REPEAT COURSES FOR ELIGIBILTY PURPOSES FOR WHICH CREDIT HAS BEEN PREVIOUSLY AWARDED.

    Age Rule – You must not have reached your 19th birthday on or before the first day of August of the current school year.

    Transfer Rule – You must sit out of VHSL activities for 365 days following a transfer to the school unless the transfer corresponded with a family move into the school attendance zone. Eighth and ninth graders are automatically eligible wherever they enroll at the beginning of the year. (Please check with your principal or athletic/activities director for exceptions.)

    Semester Rule – You may participate for not more than eight consecutive semesters following your initial enrollment in the ninth grade, whether or not you have remained continuously enrolled.

    Amateur Rule – You must be an amateur who participates only for the education, physical, mental, and social benefits derived from the activity.

    Awards Rule – You must not accept in recognition of athletic ability any award not approved by your school or the Virginia High School League.

    All Star Rule – Only seniors who have completed their eligibility in a sport may participate in one all-star game in that sports season.

    Consent Form/ Physical – You must have submitted a complete copy of a current Athletic Participation/Parental Consent/Physical Examination Form, including the required physical by a doctor, prior to practice, tryouts, or membership on any school athletic team, including cheer.

    Additional Form Required

    Along with obtaining a physical, athletes and parents must read and sign the Loudoun County Training Rules and Regulations form, The Warning and Assumption of Risk for Participation form, and an Emergency Card.



    Membership in the National Honor Society is an honor and a responsibility. Students elected to membership are expected to demonstrate the qualities of SCHOLARSHIP, SERVICE, LEADERSHIP, and CHARACTER.

    During early November, eligible students will be selected for membership in the Husky Chapter of the National Honor Society. A student who has been in attendance for at least the equivalent of one full semester at Tuscarora, is a member of the junior or senior class, and has met the minimum scholarship requirement of a 3.5 cumulative grade point average is eligible for consideration. All academically eligible students are then given the opportunity to complete information forms relating to their character, service, and leadership. During a student’s inaugural year at Tuscarora, students will need to have been enrolled the previous semester in a LCPS high school and meet all other deemed requirements.   As a minimum, each candidate must demonstrate full participation in at least two school activities, have verifiable community and school service, practice leadership through either elective office or positions of responsibility, and exemplify the highest standard of character. Membership in the National Honor Society is an honor, not a right, and is based upon outstanding achievement in each of the four areas mentioned. A faculty council has the duty of determining which academically eligible students have met not only the minimum criteria, but have gone on to establish themselves as truly outstanding young people. Selection will be completed in November, and new members will be inducted in December.


    At the end of the year, perfect attendance certificates and excellent attendance certificates are awarded. An “A” honor roll and “A/B” assembly is held each 9 weeks. “A” honor roll students will receive recognition each quarter they achieve “A” honor roll. Students who earn 4.0 average and higher will receive academic letters at year end.

    Husky Tickets:

    Teachers provide a Husky ticket to students who deserve recognition for displaying desirable behaviors for various accomplishments such as respect, integrity, service, or excellence, RISE.

    Flags are proudly displayed for district, regional, and state championships in the hallways to signify our commitment to RISE.


    At Tuscarora High School there are numerous academic clubs, activity-based clubs, and organizations which reflect the interests of a diverse student body.

    The following guidelines apply to student clubs and organizations:

    • They are to be composed of current THS students.
    • They are to hold meetings at school.
    • They must have an approved plan for selection of members.
    • They must have aims which are educational or of school and community interest.



    If you should have a strong disagreement with a teacher or another student during a class, follow the teacher’s direction, but arrange to speak with him or her privately after class in a respectful manner.

    Use the resources of your guidance counselor or assistant principal if you are experiencing a communication or behavioral problem.


    Any physical or verbal disturbance which interferes with teaching or with the orderly conduct of school activities is prohibited.


    Students may use cell phones in class only with teacher permission when it is deemed necessary for instruction.

    Students may use cell phones during emergencies such as actual evacuations of the school (not drills) or circumstances involving personal endangerment, once it is safe to do so.

    The term “using” will include reading or sending text messages, taking or showing photos, or any use thereof while the phone is powered on.

    First violations will result in the phone being confiscated, but returned at end of the day. Refusing to provide the phone upon request of a staff member will be deemed to be DEFIANT and will be disciplined appropriately.

    Subsequent violations will result in the phone being confiscated and held until the parent picks it up and conferences with an administrator.

    Students are advised that they bring their cell phones to school at their own risk of damage or theft and Tuscarora High School will not be responsible for the recovering missing or stolen phones.


    Students are prohibited from possessing laser pointers while on any Loudoun County Public School property or attending any school function or activity. Any student found in possession of a laser pointer is in violation of this policy and will be subject to disciplinary action and the seizure of the device by school officials.



    • 1st offense – 5 days out of school suspension
    • 2nd offense – 10 days out of school suspension
    • 3rd offense – long term suspension recommended



    Intentionally striking, shoving, throwing objects at, blocking the passage of, or otherwise physically intimidating a student, staff member, or visitor are actions that are strictly forbidden.

    The conveying by gestures, notes, or verbal comments the intent to intimidate, to cause harm to or to deprive the rights of a student, a staff member, or a visitor is forbidden.

    There will be disciplinary consequences for bystanders and instigators that encourage a fight/altercation.


    Any event, action, or statement which relies on chance for the monetary advantage of one participant at the expense of others is prohibited.


    Harassment may include verbal abuse and/or any persistent action that prevents an orderly and peaceful learning experience for an individual.


    The possession or distribution of literature or illustrations which significantly disrupt the educational process or which are obscene is prohibited.


    Students are not to create, attempt to create, or cause others to create public violence or disorder.


    Cursing or using abusive language, including remarks intended to demean a person’s race, religion, sex, national origin, handicapping condition, or intellectual ability, is not tolerated.


    Administrative Detention Hall

    Generally, students are assigned D-Hall to begin the day following the infraction. Students must study or read. Sleeping and talking are NOT permitted. The school assumes no responsibility for transportation; therefore, it is the responsibility of the parent. They are responsible for notifying their parents.

    In-School Restriction

    In-school restriction is an assignment for disciplinary reasons to a self-contained classroom for the school day.

    • Report to ISR at 9:30 a.m.
    • Complete all ISR packet work.
    • Complete and turn in all assigned class work.
    • Disruptive behavior will result in additional time or suspension from school.
    • Participation in extra-curricular activities is prohibited while assigned to ISR.
    • Early release students must serve until 4:18 p.m.

    Friday/Saturday School

    Objective: Students will be assigned to Friday and/or Saturday School to correct inappropriate behaviors regarding school attendance. Saturday School is an alternative to In-School Restriction.

    Reasons for Referral to Saturday School:

    • Truancy
    • Skipping a scheduled class
    • Leaving school without permission
    • Tardy to school
    • Failure to serve detention hall in a timely manner
    • As determined by administrator

    Expectations for Students Assigned to Friday/Saturday School:

    • Arrive on time. Friday School- 4:15 p.m. Saturday School- 8:00 a.m.
    • Bring sufficient work to remain busy the entire time. Sleeping is prohibited.
    • Participate in a community service project as determined by the administrator.

    Students who fail to serve Friday/Saturday School will receive further disciplinary action, which may include suspension from school.


    A student may be suspended by the principal or assistant principal for behavior which interferes with the education of others, prevents the orderly operation of the school, threatens any individual’s well-being, or knowingly violates a rule for which the penalty is suspension. Such suspension may not exceed ten school days.

    Students suspended from school will be removed from athletic/extracurricular activities for a period of time and/or community service will be assigned.

    Suspension Absences - Make-up Work

    When a student is suspended, an administrator will send an email notifying teacher of the suspension and requesting that teachers provide make-up work. Teachers will be asked to send the material to the guidance office within 24 hours. The student is responsible for making arrangements to have someone collect this work.

    The student is responsible for turning in all previously assigned work by class time on the day of his/her return.

    Upon returning, the student is to follow normal make-up procedures for tests quizzes.


    Tuscarora High School has zero tolerance for substance abuse and strictly enforces School Board Policy (8-36). Violation of the substance abuse policy may result in:

    • Suspension from school
    • Referral to the Substance Abuse Education Program at Douglass School
    • Possible legal action
    • Expulsion



    • Violation of the School Board Policy (8-35) prohibiting the use of alcohol is a serious infraction.
    • Consequences include:
    • 7-day suspension from school and 3 days’ attendance at a substance abuse class.
    • Referral to the Insight program at Douglass School
    • Subsequent violations will result in more serious consequences.

    TOBACCO/Electronic cigarette POLICY VIOLATION

    Students are not permitted to have or use tobacco products or electronic cigarettes.


    School Board Policy (§8-37) clearly prohibits possession or use of tobacco products on school buses, in the school building, and on school grounds.


    The School Board Policy (§8-32) regarding weapons is very strict.


    Violation of the weapons policy results in suspension from school and in the possibility of expulsion and legal action. All students and parents are expected to read and know the county policy related to weapons.

    Academic Tusky Time and Study Hall Guidelines

    Students are provided a block of time during the academic day that is used to help students be successful academically. The goals of this time are to allow individual help to students in need while also encouraging students to manage their time wisely. It is intended to give students and teachers time to do school-related academic (and, periodically, non-academic) activities that are otherwise difficult to fit into the school day. Teachers may use the time to provide individual attention and assistance to students. Teachers may require students to complete make-up work or remediation activities.

    RISE Read: Students also have REQUIRED time set aside for reading a selection of their choosing during the first 10 minutes of Tusky Time. When there is no scheduled activity planned, students may use Academic Focus Time to do school work that is necessary for them to be successful.

    Suggested Uses for Study Hall and Tusky Time:

    Individual Help/Re-Teaching            Homework/Projects               Library Time

    Make-Up Testing/Re-Testing            SOL/AP Test Review              Career Center Time

    Make-Up Work/Group Work             Reading Quiet Study              School-wide Initiatives