•  Foundations of Algebra Teacher

     Educational Affiliations
    University of Louisiana at Monroe 
    George Mason University
    Lisa Lee earned her Bachelor of Buisness Administration degree in Computer Information Systems from Northeast Louisiana University (now called Univeristy of Louisiana at Monroe) and her Master's in Educationi from George Mason University.  She is currently a Math 7 Teacher at Harper Park Middle School.  Prior to working as a teacher at Harper Park, Lisa was an Energy Specialist in Maintenance Department for Loudoun County Public Schools.   

     Course Information
    Courses:  Phoenix & Schoology
    Class notes and handouts are attached to assignments in Schoology. Extra practice worksheets are available upon request.
    Schoology - Copy of class notes, videos, homework, and other assignments can be located here.
    A1- Resource B5- Foundations of Algegra
    A2- Foundations of Algegra B6- Foundations of Algegra
    A3- Foundations of Algegra B7- Foundations of Algegra
    A4- Foundations of Algegra B8- CLT Planning
    Extra practice problems  
    1. website: www.khanacademy.org
    2. website: www.mathisfun.com
    3. website: math-aids.com (worksheets)
    4. website: kutasoftware.com (worksheets)
    5. website: mathworksheets4kids.com (worksheets)
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