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    Welcome to Mr. Spangler's Earth Science class! The 2020-2021 school year will be my fourth year teaching at Briar Woods and fifth within the county.  I am a graduate of Indiana University of Pennsylvania, earning a Bachelor's of Science in Education: Earth and Space Science, and a minor in Educational Psychology. 


    My certification areas include: 

    1) Earth and Space Science (primary)

    2) Middle School Science


    I am excited to be teaching the great community of students here in Ashburn!


    Office hours: Monday-Thursday from 4:15-5 pm, or 8:30 am by appointment.

    My 2020-2021 Schedule:


    Block 1 -                                       Block 5 -


    Block 2 -                                       Block 6 -


    Block 3 -                                       Block 7 -


    Block 4 -                                        Block 8 -


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    - Freshman Class Sponsor (Class of 2024)
    - NHS Co-Sponsor