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    Falcon Image Chrissie Rochester
    Special Education 

    This is my nineteenth year teaching, and my sixth year at Briar Woods High School. I lead the Special Education department as Chair and provide behavior support.  I moved to Loudoun County from Baltimore County, Maryland, where I taught students with with a variety of learning needs for thirteen years. I received my Bachelor's of Science in Secondary/Middle Special Education and my Master's of Education in Secondary-Transition Special Education from the University of Maryland, College Park. I am married with two sons who also attend Loudoun County Public Schools. When not teaching, I enjoy reading, theater and the arts, and going to the beach.  


     Schedule 2022-23

    A Day

    1A Department Chair/Planning room 603

    2A Basic Skills room 315

    3A School within a School room 315

    4A School within a School room 315

    B Day

    5B Planning room 315

    6B Basic Skills room 315  

    7B School within a School room 315

    8B School within a School room 315

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