• Falcon Image Aubrey Ottaviano 
    English/Special Education

    My name is Aubrey Ottaviano and this is my second year teaching at Briar Woods High School! In 2017, I graduated with a Master of Arts in Englsih with a concenrtation in the Teaching of Writing and Literature from George Mason University. I am also currently working on a Master of Education in Special Education. I am a certified teacher for both English and Special Education. I will be teaching English 9 and Dual Enrollment English 111/112. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, going on hikes with my dog, and spending time with my friends and family. 


     My 2018-19 Schedule:


    1st    English 9                                              5th    English 9 with Mr. Burcak


    2nd   Engilsh 9 with Mr. Burcak                     6th    English 9


    3rd    Study Hall                                           7th    Planning


    4th    Planning                                               8th    Dual Enrollment English 111/112