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    Sheila J. Jones                     

    Grade level curriculum documents are available in school libraries and Loudoun County public libraries.
    In response to the requirements of Section 22.1-207.1 of the Code of Virginia, Loudoun County Public Schools has implemented a comprehensive, sequential, abstinence-based, age-appropriate Family Life Education curriculum grades 4-10. 
    The Loudoun County Family Life Education curriculum is designed to:
    1. Emphasize the importance of family
    2. Stress the need for individuals to make decisions appropriate to values established within their families;
    3. Assist students of all ages in accepting the responsibilities for and consequences of their behavior;
    4. Encourage child-parent discussion in order to foster mutual support between the home and the school; and
    5. Stress the value of life and the multiplicity of opportunities available to young people.
    Although the Family Life Education curriculum is compatible with existing curricula and serves to enrich the educational experiences of the students in the Loudoun County Public Schools, some objectives in the Family Life Education curriculum may be considered sensitive by some parents.  Therefore, parents may choose to opt their child out of any part or all of the program. 

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