•  Ms. Bridget Hassassian

    Ms. Hassassian
     Career Technical Education (CTE)
     Email: Bridget.Hassassian@lcps.org
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    A1-Personal Finance, Room 1505 B5-Intro to Culinary, Room 1503
    A2-Personal Finance, Room 1505 B6-Intro to Culinary, Room 1503
    A3-Intro to Culinary, Room 1503 B7-Intro to Culinary, Room 1503
    A4-Planning, Room 1503A B8-Planning, Room 1503A
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     Position #1 FCCLA Sponsor  
     About This Teacher
    The excitement is contagious at John Champe High School and Ms. Hassassian is thrilled to be a part of the knight family. Ms. Hassassian grew up in the eastern panhandle of West Virginia. She graduated from Shepherd University with a Bachelors of Arts in Psychology and a minor in Education. She also has a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Loyola University of Baltimore. Starting a family brought her to Northern Virginia, and she enjoyed the area so much that she has been a resident for the past seventeen years.
    As a transition into teaching, she completed the Career Switcher program offered through Shenandoah University. Her choice to "switch careers" was made after being a stay at home mother for eleven years. Given her love of education and working with children and adolescents, teaching had always been in her mind as a career opportunity. Her desire to teach has been in her since she was a little girl helping her aunt in her first grade classroom. From the time she was old enough to enter school, she embraced helping prepare her classroom each year during the last days of summer.
    Ms. Hassassian has always known that she wanted to help people, specifically children and adolescents, thus the bridge between her psychology and education degrees. Further, education was her minor during her undergraduate studies and schooling has always been an integral component of her life. Whether she was taking extra classes or guiding her own children with their academic endeavors, her love of education motivated her to be a life-long learner. 
    She loved working with both children and adolescents at all academic levels, but through substitute teaching she found that the Family and Consumer Science content area allowed her to teach in a concentration in which she had passion and enthusiasm. It is an amazing experience to teach in area that enhances the day-to-day of lives of families and consumers; and she is very excited about teaching students skills that can help enable them to live better lives. This year she is happy to continue integrating leadership experiences through FCCLA, also known as Family, Career and Community Leaders of America. Any current or previous FACS students will be offered the opportunity to affiliate with this national organization which helps provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life.
    She believes that the ultimate goal of instruction is to give students the tools and skills for them to lead successful and fulfilling lives. She is eager to reach each one of her students and to inspire them with fun and stimulating lessons in hope that they will share her compassion and enthusiasm in the classroom.