•  Learning/Math Specialist

     Educational Affiliations
    Rutgers University 
    Shenandoah University
    Mr. Meyer earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in the Biological Sciences from Rutgers University and a Master of Science in Special Education from Shenandoah University, where he also completed his Professional Studies Certificate (Special Education). He is 'Highly Qualified' by Loudoun County Public Schools to teach Math 6-8. 
          This is Mr. Meyer's 11th year as an educator at Harper Park. He teaches two every-day self-contained Pre-Algebra classes for 8th graders and co-teaches a Pre-Algebra class in the general education setting with Ms. Bayer. He also co-teaches a Civics/Economics class with Ms. Austin8 in the general education setting.
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    A1-Pre Algebra B5-Pre-Algebra
    A2-Pre Algebfa B6-Pre-Algebra
    A3-Civiics/Econ  B7-Pre-Algebra
    A4-CLT B8-Planning
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