• Madame Kuhns

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    Madame Kuhns

    Department: World Language and Cultures

    A Day: 9:15-10:30am, 12:30-2:15pm
    B Day: none

    Phoenix    Vision

    Sponsored Activities:
    • French Club, French Honor Society
    Madame Kuhns is excited to teach French at Broad Run! She has taught and tutored French for the last 17 years in Maryland, Indiana, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Virginia. She completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and Education at Wake Forest University, and she has a Master's degree in French from Indiana University. Madame Kuhns studied in Paris, and worked for several years as a teacher and translator in France. 
    This year, Madame Kuhns is teaching French I, III, V and AP. She is available to meet students before school, and during blocks 1 and 3.