• English 6 Syllabus

    Cicely A. Smith




    Course Overview 

    English 6 provides instruction in oral language, reading and literature, writing and grammar, research, and vocabulary/word study.  Students practice whole-class and independent reading, and teachers provide skills for reading fiction, nonfiction, and informational sources.  Emphasis is placed on making inferences, drawing conclusions, summarizing, and paraphrasing text. Students will follow the writing process to explore creative, analytical, argumentative, and research-based writing. 

             All English 6 students are expected to master the skills and content outlined in the curriculum. In order to achieve mastery, students are given the opportunity for extra support through our re-teach, re-test policy, as outlined below.



    Outline of Curriculum

    Quarter 1

    Units Covered: Figurative Language, Narrative (Plot) Structure in Fiction Texts, Character Analysis


    Quarter 2

    Units Covered:  Text structures and organizational patterns within non-fiction texts and research based informational writing


    Quarter 3

    Units Covered: Poetry and Personal Narrative writing


    Quarter 4

    Units Covered: Persuasion, Media and communication study, and review of and preparation for the Virginia Standards of Learning.


    In addition to the units mentioned above, students will engage in grammar practice, word study, journal writing, reading and writing strategies, and analysis and discussion of literature through Book Clubs.




    • A composition notebook
    • Lined paper
    • Pencils and pens
    • One binder with 5 dividers
    • Highlighter
    • Index cards
    • Headphones

    Grading Policy

             Student grades will be based on a variety of formative and summative assessments. Grades will be posted on Phoenix regularly. Please note that dates of assignments within Phoenix are subject to change.


    Re-teach/ Re-assess Policy

    80% and above

    Students are not eligible for a retake.

    70% - 79%

    Students are eligible for an optional retake. The maximum score a student can earn on a retake is an 80%. Students may initiate the optional retake process by completing a Request to Retest form.

    69% and below

    Students are required to complete a retake. The maximum score a student can earn on a retake is an 80%.  Students are required to complete a Request to Retest form, and attend a re-teaching session before retaking the assessment.


    • All retakes must be completed within a two week time frame. 
    • Only one retake per summative will be allowed. 
    • Request to Retest forms can be found on Google Classroom. 


    For long-term assignments:

    Students will receive teacher feedback (conferences, checkpoints, formatives, etc.) throughout the drafting process regarding necessary revisions. Students are expected to incorporate the revisions into their final projects and essays. Therefore, final products are not eligible for retakes. 


Last Modified on October 3, 2019