•  Math Teacher

     Educational Affiliations
    University of Michigan  
    George Mason University
    Sharon Bayer grew up in Philadelphia and then attended the University of Michigan (GO BLUE!) where she majored in Math and Secondary Education. She completed her masters degree at George Mason University in Education Leadership. She is going into her 7th year of teaching middle school math. 

    She had twins in January 2019 so she definitely stays busy when not at school. She also enjoys hiking, playing with her puppy, watching Netflix shows, swimming, and going on road trips.  


    If there are any questions about assignments or student performance, please contact Mrs. Bayer.

     Course Information
    Courses:  Google Classroom
    Click on the link below to go to my Google Classroom page where you will find all notes, homework, keys, and reviews.
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    A1- Algebra B5-  Algebra
    A2- Algebra B6- Math 8
    A3- Algebra B7- Math 8
    A4- Planning B8- Resource
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