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    West Virginia University 
    George Mason University
    VCU - ACE
    R. Christine Casuccio has been employed in Special Education with LCPS at the elementary and middle school levels since 1999. She attended West Virginia University where she earned bachelor degrees in Speech Pathology and Psychology and a master's in Audiology.  She completed her Master's in Education at George Mason University as well as a graduate certificate in Teaching Students with Autism. Ms. Casuccio grew up in Wheeling, WV, and has lived in Leesburg for over 25 years. Her four children grew up in Leesburg and graduated from Loudoun County Public Schools.

     Course Information
    Parent/Student vue - worksheets/topic reviews are attached on assignment page as resources
    Google Classroom - You will need a class code. Students were given class codes at the beginning of the school year
    Science 6 web page - additional study aids available
    A1-  CLT Planning B5- Science 6
    A2- Science 6 B6- Resource
    A3- Science 6 B7- Science 6
    A4- Science 6 B8- Science 6
    • Harper Park Science Department
      Retake Policy
       The Science Department encourages students to prepare for assessments the first time the assessment is given.  However, we realize that everyone has a bad day once in a while so we have constructed a retake policy to encourage the mastery of the material.
      1.Tests and quizzes are the only assessments that are eligible for retakes.   For a student to be eligible to retake an assessment they must follow their teachers retake process.
      2. Student will earn the highest grade.
      3. The responsibility lies with the students to initiate the retake process within 6 school days (not blocks) from the date the assessment is returned to them to schedule their retake.
      4.Any student who gets a 69 or below MUST do a retake until they earn above a 70. Teacher will return the quiz or test wtih a pass to come during Resource or Homeroom to complete the retake. It is the responsibiltiy of the student to follow through within the 6 days. 
      5. Any student who earns a 70 or above can reake a quiz or test ONE time within 6 days of the quiz or test being returned.
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