•  Ms. Elsie Parrilla

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    University of Puerto Rico - Mayaguez
    American College of Education
    Elsie Parrilla is starting her eighth year as a teacher in Loudoun County Public Schools. This is her second year at Heritage High School, and this year she will be teaching Algebra 1.  She is the type of educator that respects her students and their learning needs, and as such is very dedicated to the idea that all students can achieve academic success. Prior to discovering her passion for teaching, Ms. Parrilla worked as a professional engineer for over twelve years. 
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    Algebra 1

    Click on the link below to visit  Ms. Parrilla's Algebra 1 course webpage, where you will find all class materials (daily notes, videos, practice tasks, etc.) and assessment dates:  

     Ms. Parrilla's Algebra 1 Site

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    A1 - Algebra 1 B5 -  Algebra 1
    A2 - Algebra 1 B6 -  Math Lab
    A3 - Planning B7 - Algebra 1
    A4 - Alegbra 1 B8 - Planning
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