Degrees and Certifications:

Dr. Faith Ibarra


Hello and welcome to our crazy world where a little art, journalism, drama, and video productions" come together to create our part of this awesome world at TMS (and SBHS). This is going to be a "howling" awesome year as we explore mixed media, learn about stage presence, and discover the world of newspaper reporting and creating a literary magazine (depending on which class you have with me). 


A little about me. I am a military child-that means is I moved a LOT growing up. I attended 13 schools by the time I finished 8th grade and lived in more than ten states. I think all those moves really impacted me because I am a gypsy at heart and love to see new places (but it is always nice to come back home). I've traveled and worked in many different countries, such as Brazil, Panama, Honduras, Albania, Iceland, Wales, Ireland, and Norway. 


I LOVE animals and am a "parront" to nine parrots and a European Starling, as well as a beagle/lab mix named Parley. I have three wonderful children (twins Nicole and Nadia and son Matthew). My husband is from Peru and that beautiful country is on my bucket list. 


I have five degrees and have attended five different colleges/universities. I am lucky in that I "do what I love and love what I do," and that is helping my students explore the world around them, collect that knowledge, and then create something outstanding to represent that new skill, talent, or knowledge. 


My hope for the year is that students will experience new ideas, new strategies, and new enjoyment in class as we navigate the world OUR WAY through many creative projects.