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Faith Ibarra

Hi everyone1  I am so glad to be a member of the pack here at Trailside and am looking forward to a "howling" year with you. I am on Team Yellowstone for English and that means we will be meeting every day!!!!


A little about me. I am a military child-what that means is I moved a LOT growing up. I attended 13 schools by the time I finished 8th grade and lived in more than ten staes. I think all those moves really impacted me, because I am a gypsy at heart and love to see new places (but it is always nice to come back home).


I LOVE animals and am a "parront" to nine parrots and an European Starling, as well as a beagle/lab mix named Parley.


I have three wonderful children (twins Nicole and Nadia and my son Matthew). My husband is from Peru and that beautiful country is on my bucketlist. I have been lucky to travel to other beautiful countries, including Brazil, Panama, Ireland, Wales, and Honduras. I am heading to Iceland this summer to dive the Sulfer Fissure


I have five degrees and have attended five different colleges/universities. I am lucky in that I "do what I love and love what I do," and that is teach English-literature and writing!


My hope for the year is that students will experience new ideas, new strategies, and new enjoyment in class as we navigate the writing process through many creative projects.