2020-2021 PTA BOARD

     President:  Charlie Greenough
    Vice President (Grants):  Christine Dean
    Treasurer:  Samantha Nasr/Tanya Green
    Secretary:  Stacy Vail
    Membership:  Shirley McClellan


    Please Join Us For Our Next Meeting

    Thursday, September 17, 2020 at 10am

    Online link to be posted  

    Harper Park PTA would love you to join us!

    We invite you to join the PTA for your child because increasing our membership, even by one, makes it possible to provide important educational resources, speak up on important issues, and create a stronger school community. There is no wrong or right way to be involved—anything you can give, whether it’s time or money, will support your child’s potential. Especially starting the school year off virtually this year, if you are looking for a way to be involved to support our administration, staff, parents, and students, please join. We will be focusing a lot of effort in supporting them at a distance.

    To become a PTA member, please register in MemberHub, then go to the MemberHub store to purchase your PTA Membership. Simply follow the instructions below to get started.

    1. To register for MemberHub click here
    2. To purchase your PTA Membership click here
    3. To follow us on our PTA Facebook for up to date information click here

    If you have any questions please contact Charlie Greenough or Shirley McLellan

    Thank you for your support!


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Last Modified on September 11, 2020