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    Riverside Rams! Teresa Romano
     Spanish Teacher

    ¡ Hola!

    Bienvenidos a las clases de Español.  ¡Espero que tengamos un año escolar fabuloso!

    I am originally from Bolivia.  My first experience in the US was as an exchange student in New York state. I lived with wonderful families and got to experience the culture and the English language first hand during my senior year in HS.  One year later, I decided to come back to the U.S. and  persue my undergraduate degree in Journalism and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction.  I also graduated from the University of Salamanca, Spain in Cultures and Spanish Architecture.  I also hold advanced degrees in Spanish Literature and Heritage Learning.

    I am very excited to teach at Riverside this year. I have been a classroom teacher for 17 years. However, every year is a brand new beginning. Every student is an opportunity for growth. My wish is that students not only take Spanish for a credit course, but as a lifetime skill. Learning about other cultures and languages opens students minds to many wonderful experiences and opportunities. 

    Please feel free to contact me anytime to help you in this process!

    My 2019-20 Schedule:

     1st  Spanish III  5th  Planning
     2nd  Planning  6th  Spanish VH
     3rd  Spanish III  7th  Spanish III
     4th  Study Hall  8th  Spanish III
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    World Languages & Cultures Grading Policy Riverside HS 2017-2018

    Students enrolled in any of the spoken languages (Spanish, French, & German) will find the categorical breakdown of their quarter grades as follows:

    Assignment Category Title Gradebook Weight

    Formative                        10%


    Summative                      90%


    World Languages & Cultures Re-assessment Policy


    Retakes are intended to allow students to demonstrate mastery (83%) and have the following guidelines:

    * Students are eligible for a retake only if they have not achieved mastery (scored below a 84% on the assessment)

    * Students may not receive a score greater than 84% on any retake attempt

    * The retake is a single attempt

    * All work (homework assignments, formative assessments, etc.) related to the assessment have been completed

    * Students must complete remediation prior to attempting the retake

    * All retake attempts must be completed within two weeks after having been returned the original

    * The highest score will be included in the overall grade calculation for the quarter

    * Retakes are NOT offered on skills-based (reading, writing, listening, speaking) assessments, benchmark exams, and county-wide exams (CPAs)