Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Arts in History Masters Degree: Social Studies Education

Mr. Mark Goff

About Mr. Goff:


Mr. Goff is excited to begin his fifth year at Belmont Ridge Middle School!  Mr. Goff grew up just outside of Buffalo, NY and attended the University of Buffalo where he received a Bachelor of Arts Degree in History and a Masters in Social Studies Education. 

After receiving his Master’s Degree in 2011 he moved to Connecticut and spent four years teaching Social Studies at a Therapeutic College Preparatory Boarding School.  In addition to teaching he served as a Dorm Parent, Residential Administrator, Student Advisor, Teacher Mentor, Baseball and Softball Coach.  When not teaching Mr. Goff enjoys rooting for his Buffalo sports teams, traveling and staying active.  Mr. Goff stays active by playing hockey on a regular basis, running and skiing.  Mr. Goff is passionate about teaching and working with young people and is excited to bring his experiences to Belmont Ridge Middle School this year.  As your child's a teacher his goal is to provide the best education possible.  Mr. Goff is availble at school most mornings at 7:30 AM and stays until 4:30 PM most afternoons.  He is a firm believer that parent involvement is important to your child’s success in the classroom.vvIf you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Goff at

In Social Studies this year, students will be continuing their study of the history of the United States.  Students will learn about the major events that have shaped our society today and analyze the role of everyday Americans in history.  Please refer to Google Classroom to up to date with what is going on in class!

Where/When/How you can find Mr. Goff
Before School Help:  I am availbe in B4 for extra help most mornings from 7:35 until 8:05
Period 1-2 A: History 7 Planning (Room B4)
Period 3-4 A: Room B4/History 7
Period 5-6 A: Room B4/History 7 
Period 7-8 A: Room B4/History 7 
Period 1-2 B: Room B4/History 7 
Period 3-4 B: Room B4/Planning Period *Please see me during this period for any extra help (be sure to see me for a pass!) 
Period 5-6 B: Room B4/History 7
Period 7-8 B: Room B4/History 7
After School Help: I will stay after school Monday through Thursday if arragements are made the day before for extra help is needed, just be sure to let me know the date you would like to stay after.  
Units covered this year:
-US Political Geography
-Civil War Reconstruction
-Westward Expansion and Impacts
-Rise of Big Business and Industry
-Growth of Cities/Immigration
-The Progressive Era
-Spanish American War
-World War I
-The Roaring 1920's
-The Great Depression
-World War II
-Postwar Domestic Changes
-Postwar International Relationships
-The Cold War
-Civil Rights Movements
-Globalization/Technology in Modern America