Michael Skvarch

Phone: 540-751-2400


Degrees and Certifications:

Michael Skvarch

Michael received his Bachelor’s of Science at the University at Buffalo and then began his career as a teacher by joining the Peace Corps.  He spent two years teaching English and technology in Mozambique before deciding to pursue his passion in teaching in New York City.  Michael spent the last three years teaching Engineering and ESL in Brooklyn, New York as he worked to complete his Masters of Arts in science education at Teacher College Columbia University. He is excited and energized to be entering into his first year at Loudoun Valley High School.

My schedule:

A Day

Block 1: SH - 131

Block 2: Planning - 202

Block 3: Physics - 202

Block 4: AP Physics C - 202


B Day

Block 5: Conceptual Physics - 202

Block 6: Conceptual Physics - 202

Block 7: CLT Planning

Block 8: AP Physics C - 202