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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Bill Kendrat

Hi, my name is Mr. Kendrat and I am beginning my fifthteenth year in Loudoun County and have 34 years experience teaching American History. I have a BA degree in History from Alfred University (NY) and a Masters in education from Harding University (AR). I have a genuine love of history with a particular interest in early American history, especially the Revolutionary and Civil War periods.
I originally come from Syracuse (Go Orange) and laugh at most of the days we call "snow days" :) .

I have many personal interests outside the classroom such as, reading historical fiction, and fantasy, watching movies (especially history and fantasy movies-love Gettysburg and Lord of the Rings.), writing, playing fantasy football and baseball (since I can't do the real thing any more), coaching sports, but most of all spending time (quality and otherwise) with my family. 
One other thing------ I love good quotes---- "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." 
Please check the web page and calender for HW and up coming events.
PS: I am including on this page two important classroom questions:
1. What are the classroom supplies that are used in history?
Answer: 1 1/2" 3 Ring Binder (D-Ring
: 3 Hold Punched Folder for HW/Quizzes
:Glue sticks 
:Colored pencils
:Pencil sharpener
:Fine tipped colored markers
: Highlighters
:3 x 5 Index cards (Any color, lines do not matter)
:Post-it notes
:Pencil (everyday)
:Tissue/Wipes Personal use and teacher use with white boards
: Dry Erase Marker
2. Where can we see what HW assignments are due and when they are due?
Answer: Please use this school web-site and my school web-page. I will have a calendar of events that list the assignments and due dates. Also Highly Recommended to all parents is to sign up for e-alerts that will send an alert directly to your/your child's pesonal device. To sign up, go to the school home page; look for "Our School" on the gray tool bar; look for e-alerts website on the menu and click on the tab and follow the prompts; be sure to select Mr. Kendrat as a teacher to follow and receive e-alerts from. If you have any questions either contact me or the house office.
At the year's end---PLEASE remember to go back into the site and un-click my name... unless of course you love our history experience so much that you need to have my
e-alerts  come to you forever more :).
Sincerely, Bill Kendrat