• Academies of Loudoun Mission Statement: 

    The mission of the Academies of Loudoun is to empower students to 
    explore, research, collaborate, innovate,
    and to make meaningful contributions to the world in the fields of 
    science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


    All Academies of Loudoun scholars will achieve personal success in their learning and become responsible and productive citizens. Our vision, as a school community, is to inspire our students’ passion for STEM learning.


    1. Diversity in our community makes us stronger and better equipped to work together.  Representation of students from diverse backgrounds, including race/ethnicity, gender, disability, English Learner and socioeconomic status, and students from all geographic areas of Loudoun County who demonstrate a desire to be challenged by advanced academic coursework and collaborative research.
    2. Immersion in STEM curriculum that challenges students to:

      •  think critically

      •  innovate

      •  research

      •  design

      •  invent to solve real-world, contextual problems

    3. Students learn best in a setting where academic disciplines are integrated and collaboration is encouraged.

    4. Integrity and Responsibility are core principles in the pursuit of academic and personal achievement.