• JCHS Staff Directory 


    The principal, assistant principals, counseling director, and athletic directors lead our school to success.

    Teaching Faculty

     The faculty includes classroom teachers, school counselors, instructional specialists, and other teacher-leaders.  In addition to holding the appropriate state license, most of our faculty also hold graduate degrees either in education or in the subject that they teach.  Our faculty includes a mix of successful experienced teachers who are willing to share their expertise as well as promising beginning teachers who share their enthusiasm and energy to help our students achieve.

    Teaching Assistants

    Our teaching assistants are an important part of our school and help ensure the success of our students.  For some students, they are the adults that they have the most direct contact with throughout the day.  In this sense, they are just as much a teacher as the licensed faculty.

    Support Staff 

    We would not be able to operate our school without the dedicated secretaries, custodians, cafeteria workers, and other support staff.  They work tirelessly to keep our school safe, maintained, and connected so that students can learn and teachers can teach without worry.