Welcome to 7th Grade History!

    Ms. Jacqueline Pirrung graduated from James Madison University with a B.A. in History and with a M.A.T. in Secondary Education.  She very excited for a fantastic school year at River Bend Middle School!  Students will be learning about many exciting and interesting topics in United States History, beginning with Reconstruction (1865) and ending with the present day!

    Jacqueline Pirrung


    Ms. Pirrung's Schedule, 2019-2020

    1A - History 7H

    2A - Planning

    3A - History 7 (with Ms. Wahle)

    4A - History 7H


    5B - History 7

    6B - Planning

    7B - History 7H

    8B - History 7



    General Classroom Information

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    Contact Information

    Please feel free to contact Ms. Pirrung at, jacqueline.pirrung@lcps.org, with questions and/or concerns.

    In addition, please access Google Classroom and https://portal.lcps.org/ for information pertaining to upcoming class assignments and grades.