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    Welcome to my Classroom!
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    My name is Mr. Pal, and this is my fourth year teaching physical education!
    I am very passionate about fitness and sports (especially basketball), and my goal is to have my students learn and grow up to be healthy and disciplined individuals.
    I've grown up in Virginia almost all my life, and am a huge DC sports fan! I obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology from Virginia Tech as well as a teaching degree from George Mason University. In my free time, I enjoy playing and watching sports, hanging out with family and friends, and taking trips!
    A DAY
    BLOCK 1      PLANNING                  8:30-10:00
    BLOCK 2      6TH GRADE                10:10-11:35
    BLOCK 3      6TH GRADE                11:40-1:40
                         LUNCH                    11:40-12:10
    BLOCK 4      6TH GRADE                1:45-3:18
    B DAY
    BLOCK 5      7TH GRADE                8:30-10:00
    BLOCK 6      7TH GRADE                10:10-11:35
    BLOCK 7      PLANNING                  11:40-1:40
    BLOCK 8      7TH GRADE                1:45-3:18
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