• Students learn how to use the keyboard with the touch keyboarding method in this one-semester course.  Introduction to Computer Applications is designed for anyone who would like to use the computer efficiently, successfully, and productively. 


    New skills are strengthened, and speed is increased throughout the semester.  Students use the MicroType program to learn the touch keyboarding technique, and reinforcement drills are used throughout the course to develop keyboarding speed.  Microsoft Word is the program used to format reports, letters, and simple tables.  Students are also exposed to spreadsheet applications and graphics with the Excel and Publisher programs.  PowerPoint will be used to create presentations.  Digital Literacy lessons are accessible through Everfi.com.  Scratch will be used for an introduction to coding.

    To see an outline of weekly assignments, go to the current Quarter Activities.
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    Ms. Cornelius:  Julie.Cornelius@lcps.org
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