• Harper Park Middle School
    Instructional Technology Department

      Mrs. Fedei
    Instructional Facilitator, Technology (IFT)

     Mr. Chandler
    Digital Experience Specialist
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    Loudoun County is one of three school districts in the entire nation to receive a National Technology Award. It was named a Salute District in recognition of its focus on technology to promote student achievement.


    Educators today need technology solutions that are flexible enough to meet a variety of needs and solve an array of challenges. That’s how the IT team fits in at “The Park”: we try to help the teachers engage our students with interactive technologies. This role also helps our teachers compete for the students’ minds against the attractions of public and social media that fill a lot of their time. It is a true 21st century partnership aimed at the creative uses of learning to enhance their lives in the digital age.

    Rather than just integrate our technical resources into available curriculums, it is our goal for our students to:

    • Demonstrate creative thinking and problem solving skills to develop innovative projects and processes using digital technology and to make informed decisions
    •  Communicate and work collaboratively to support individual learning and contribute to the learning of others
    • Select and apply technology tools together with critical thinking skills to gather, evaluate and use information
    • Understanding human, cultural, and societal issues related to digital technology and practice legal, ethical, and responsible behavior

    To support these goals, the Instructional Technology team assists teachers with incorporating technology as a regular component of instruction and in particular lesson plans. The hardware and software resources that are managed and maintained by the team enable our students to be versatile in data research, multimedia presentations, internet access, literary reports and word processing both inside and outside the classroom.

Last Modified on October 18, 2022