Dr. Brandon Wolfe, Principal

  • Since 2009 Dr. Wolfe has served as Principal/Assistant Principal of the S. John Davis Career Center at Marshall High School in Fairfax County. This unique program for students with disabilities provides employment, career and life skills training as they transition from high school into that “real” world.


    Pennsylvania roots run deep for Dr. Wolfe as he is a native of Maryville, PA (outside Harrisburg), lived for a year in Philadelphia, and has extended family in the Pittsburgh area. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh with dual majors in History and Anthropology before receiving a Masters of Education Degree from George Mason University in Special Education. Dr. Wolfe received his Doctorate from The George Washington University in 2015.


    He also has served as Summer School Principal/Assistant Principal at Fairfax High School and Lake Braddock Secondary School and as Dean of Students at Falls Church High School. Dr. Wolfe was a Special Education Teacher at Falls Church High School early in his career. He brings much passion, energy and enthusiasm into his new role and is very excited about getting started. Dr. Wolfe respects and appreciates the views of others and he plans to spend much time observing, listening and getting to know our students and staff. The PTSO will coordinate opportunities for our parents to get to know your energetic new principal. Dr. Wolfe spent this past weekend running in a half marathon in Philadelphia so we know he’ll hit the ground running when he starts Monday, March 27.


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