• What is BYOT?

    BYOT stands for Bring Your Own Technology, and means that students are able to use technology that their family owns while at school.   Although any device will be helpful, devices which allow the student to create content (laptops, tablets) and which have a keyboard are best suited for, and are often less expensive than devices designed for consumption (smart phones), but both types of device are acceptable. 

    This school year, any students who submitted their signed Acceptable Use Agreement, are able to - at the discretion of their classroom teachers - use their own technology for academic purposes in the classroom.   Students connect their devices to Sterling Middle’s wireless network, and use them for academic purposes.  

    STM has filtered Wi-Fi internet access throughout the building. The internet will be filtered just like it is filtered on school-owned computers. Students must access the Wi-Fi connection and not their own 3G or 4G data plans. As students access the STM-provided Wi-Fi, they will not be utilizing their own personal data plan or minutes. STM will have campus-wide access to wireless.

    Students who are not able to bring their own devices will not be left out of learning activities or penalized in any way.  Students without devices will be given an opportunity to use a school-owned device while in the classroom, partner with someone who has a device, or complete an assignment an alternate way.