• Digital Citizenship 

     The Importance of Digital Citizenship

    Citizenship, its rights and responsibilities, have long been an integral part of the school curriculum.  While these lessons are still relevant, it is important for schools and families to expand them to include Digital Citizenship.  Increasingly our students interact daily with digital tools and media.  Our world is becoming so interconnected that students are able collaborate and communicate with students and professionals in other countries.  While new technologies bring exciting new opportunities, they also bring responsibilities to use digital tools in safe and ethical ways. Today more than ever, our students have the potential to reach far beyond the limits of their classrooms and home communities.  They can influence other people in ways that were unimaginable in earlier decades.  Teaching our children how to navigate this digital world and become contributing members of a global community is essential to their well-being.  Learning how to keep themselves safe as they navigate the digital world is as important as teaching them how to cross a street, shop at a mall, or visit a playground. We as parents and educators must collaborate to provide safe environments for children to work and play in the physical and virtual world; to teach them how to keep themselves safe as they begin to venture out on their own; and to provide guidance as they learn their role in a global community. 
    Harmony Middle School is committed to teaching students the skills that they need to be 21st century students and citizens.  An important part of that education is learning about Digital Citizenship, the safe and ethical use of the internet and technology.  The curriculum we teach is through Common Sense Media.  Each year all students participate in lessons covering topics that include but are not limited to social media, safe searching, copyright, cyberbullying, and identity theft.  In addition to using Common Sense Media, 6th grade keyboarding classes further the depth of their understanding through Everfi, a web-based curriculum that teaches skills and citizenship.
    Lessons Taught 2017-18 School Year
    Grade 6
    Digital Life      Family Tip Sheet Digital Life
    Scams and Schemes  Family Tip Sheet Cyber Security
    Grade 7
    Trillion Dollar Footprint   Family Tip Sheet Digital Life
    Creator's Responsibility   Family Tip Sheet Respecting Creative Rights
    Grade 8