Welcome to the web page for Team Phoenix. We are one of the eighth grade teams named after the constellations. Our team consists of three core team teachers and several additional teachers who cover non-team subjects such as foreign language and math. The core team teachers are Mr Cassutto (Civics), Ms. Banasik (English), and Ms. Yearwood (Science). 

    All of the Team Phoenix teachers are excited about the subjects they teach. Mr. Cassutto is active in politics and wants his students to be interested in the presidential election taking place in the US. Ms. Banasik loves writing and wants her students to write about what interests them in their daily lives. Ms. Yearwood wants to share the joy of discovery when learning about physical science through labs, research, and discussion.

    Students can check their homework on the teachers' homework web pages, and they will also be able to see how they are doing in each class through the parent portal. Teachers will be updating grades as often as possible to give an accurate view of student progress.

    We hope all Team Phoenix students have an excellent eighth grade year at Harmony. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us via email or give us a call at the main office. We're happy to help!