• Hello Fellow Titans,

    I am a Career Switcher in my second year of teaching here at Dominion High School. This year, I am teaching Semester Economics and Semester Personal Finance.

    Prior to teaching, I worked in the Financial Services sector for several years. I moved to Loudoun County seven years ago after living in the United Kingdom (U.K.) for eight years.

    While I was in the U.K., I gained my Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Kingston Business School.


    This semester my schedule is as follows:

    PD  Class Name  RM  PD  Class Name  RM
     1  Economics  L504  5  Titan Time   204
     2  Economics  L504  6  Personal Finance  L618
     3  Personal Finance  L504   7  Personal Finance  L504
     4  Planning  L515F  8  Planning  L515F
    Clubhouse:  Room L310

    My email address is Ulrike.Fianko@lcps.org

    Please feel free to email with questions.



    Ulrike Fianko

    Business Education Teacher

    Dominion High School