• Friday, October 14 th : 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
    This is a family friendly and/or drop off event!
    It’s a night of Family Fun with an International Flare all wrapped into one big
    Please click on the here to volunteer or donate much needed items!
    Family Fun Night’s all-time favorite, Pie in the face returns, featuring the following JML
    Staff Members:
    Mrs. Budd, Ms. Balanc, Ms. Deiter, Mr. Hample, Mr. Johnston, Mr. Salgado, Mr.
    Sansonetti, Ms. Sherrange (formally Terseck), Mrs. Simms, Ms. Sutton, Ms. Watkins and Ms. Willis.
    Along with cupcake walk, photo booth, face painting, prize wheels, games and much more!
    We will have inflatable twister, tiki toss, basketball, pinball and so much more!
    Activities Tickets
    $1.00 – 1 ticket
    $5.00 – 6 tickets
    $10.00 – 13 tickets
    We will also have pizza, popcorn, ChickFila sandwiches for sale in the cafeteria!
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