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    Important Dates

    Summer 2017 Term 3 Important Dates

    Health and Physical Education
    Health and Physical Education 9
    CPR/AED/Basic First Aid Training
    Per new legislation, Health and PE 9 students are required to attend one training session and successfully demonstrate the proper technique and skills for CPR, use of an AED, and Basic First Aid. Please note that students MUST complete all lessons and complete the test BEFORE attending the skills training session.  Lessons and tests are located in the tab titled “Introduction to PE Logs and CPR/AED and First Aid. 

    Title Date Time       Location 
    Skills Assessment Grade 9 HPE June 28 11:00am - 12:30pm LCPS Admin Building (Full)
    Skills Assessment Grade 9 HPE July 10 5:00pm - 6:30pm LCPS Admin Building (Full)
    Skills Assessment Grade 9 HPE July 25 10:00am - 11:30am LCPS Admin Building (Full)
    Skills Assessment Grade 9 HPE
    August 10 5:00pm - 6:30pm
    LCPS Admin Building

    Health and Physical Education 10 with Drivers Education
    Virtual Loudoun PSTD Information:
    For completion of HPE 10 with Drivers Education, students must attend a Partners for Safe Teen Driving 90-minute presentation with a parent. Virtual Loudoun will offer three opportunities for this presentation. Each presentation will begin promptly at 7 pm. Please arrive by 6:45 pm with a writing utensil and find a seat. Student and parent must sit together. 
    Title  Date  Time  Location 
    Virtual Loudoun PSTD 
    June 8 7:00pm Potomac Falls HS
    Virtual Loudoun PSTD  July 6 7:00pm Riverside HS
    Virtual Loudoun PSTD   August 3 7:00pm Riverside HS
    VADETS Final Exam* July 7 1:00pm Rust Library - Leesburg
    VADETS Final Exam*
    July 17
    10:00am Rust Library - Leesburg
    VADETS Final Exam* July 19 7:00pm Rust Library - Leesburg
    VADETS Final Exam*August 110:00amRiverside HS Library
    VADETS Final Exam*
    August 310:00amRiverside HS Library
    VADETS Final Exam*August 102:00pmJohn Champe HS Library
    *Students must get 85% on the VADETS Final Exam all VADETS workbooks to earn a DEC-1 card and  for completion of course.
     **These are fundraisers and there will be a $30 fee. Checks should be made out to the school where the presentation takes place.
    SOL Testing
    SOL testing is August 14th. More information about time and location will be forthcoming from the Office of Testing. Non-LCPS students may not be eligible to test. If a student cannot attend the test date, he/she will be tested at their home school in the fall when school begins. Make-up testing is organized by the student's home school Testing Coordinator.  Virtual Loudoun strongly recommends students make every attempt to test on the provided date. Please contact the Office of Testing with questions regarding SOL testing at 540.751.2590
    W!SE Financial Literacy Testing
    W!SE testing will be conducted on August 9, 10. Each date will include two sessions with the morning session beginning at 9:30 AM and afternoon session at 12:30 PM. All testing dates will take place at Stone Bridge High School. This test is offered to those students who are completing Economics and Personal Finance (full 1 credit course) and those taking Personal Finance only (.5 credit) to earn a CTE credential which is required for students pursuing a standard diploma.   If you are unable to attend, please see your school counselor regarding CTE credential requirements for graduation. Please contact the Career and Technical Education office with questions regarding SOL testing at 571.252.1070