• English Department
    “If a nation’s literature declines, the nation atrophies and decays.” Ezra Pound 
    For a great, interactive website that features released reading SOLs for your student to practice answering multiple-choice questions go to the following:
    The English department at Harmony Middle School consists of sections of Honors and Academic at the sixth, seventh, and eighth grade level. Expectations in the all grades include an emphasis on developing literacy skills, such as reading comprehension and writing techniques.  All grade levels are heavily based on reading and writing workshop in order to give students choice while developing their skills.  All grades take a Reading SOL in the spring.  Eighth grade students are also expected to take a Writing SOL in March. 
    All classes base their instruction on novels, short stories, poetry, and other types of texts. In addition, teachers use Units of Study from Teacher's College at Colombia as pedagogical texts and most mini-lessons are pulled from those resources.
    8th Grade
    7th Grade
    6th Grade

    Link to Loudoun County English course syllabi 

    Want to learn more about English SOL or access released test questions? Go here:
    Virginia Department of Education SOL information.