• Q & A with a VL Student

    The vision of Virtual Loudoun is to cultivate quality, flexible, self-paced, virtual learning.


    Virtual Loudoun student Elise is in her second year taking Virtual Loudoun courses. Elise would probably succeed at any school she attended, but the past two years she wanted to take a few Virtual Loudoun courses to get ahead in her studies. She was kind enough to share her rationale and experience during her time with Virtual Loudoun. It’s not the best fit for every student of course, but for Elise it works. 

    Q: Is going to school at Virtual Loudoun different from traditional school?

    A: In Virtual Loudoun, you can work at your own pace. In a traditional school the instructor teaches you most of the material, but in Virtual Loudoun you are responsible for learning it yourself. In Virtual Loudoun courses I write essays, I do PowerPoint presentations and brochures. There are different assignments for those who are more creative, like the ability to create movies, web pages and audio files for assignments. The lessons also show the information in different ways; sometimes there’s a visual representation, like a diagram or a video, to help remember it.

    Q: What is your typical day like at virtual school?

    A: I usually try to do at least one or two topics either early in the morning or in the afternoon. For me, it’s easy. I read through the information and then I can move on to the next assignment. I don’t have to wait. I can go ahead and do more, so I get done with the course faster. One of the cool things about Virtual Loudoun is that I don’t have to wait around for the other students to get it-I can work at my own pace, and even finish early if I want. 

    Q: Do you interact much with your teachers?

    A: I can call my teacher, or text her, or go into a special chatroom. I don’t usually have to call them because I haven’t needed much help, but they are always there when I need them. Most of the time I will just email them if I have a question. They’ve always responded to me within 24 hours. 

    Q: Would you recommend virtual school to other students?

    A: Yes. I would say that it depends on which class you want to take. If it is a simple class, I would recommend it, but if it is a complex or very important class, I think that I would prefer to take the course face to face. I think that kids who have an easy time with homework or with school would probably be able to do some of the more advanced courses.

    Q: What’s the best part about virtual school for you?

    A: I like working at my own pace. I have Monday through Sunday to do my work. The flexibility makes it a lot easier.

Last Modified on March 3, 2018