Welcome to the RBMS Yearbook Website!

  • Please note the information below about ordering a yearbook and submitting candid photos.

    Please note - portrait photo uploads are now available! View the info below to learn more.

How to Submit a Portrait Photo:

  • If you were unable to take a portrait photo at school this year, we have an upload option available.

    Please read all directions and tips for how to submit your own portrait photo before submitting it. Thank you!

Portrait Upload Instructions
Instrucciones para fotografías de retrato

How to Order a Yearbook:

How to Submit Candid Photos for the Yearbook:

  • This school year, we need your help collecting photo memories and moments while in distance learning!

    Through our new yearbook software, we are able to provide "upload albums" to the RBMS community that will allow anyone in our school to contribute photos for this yearbook!

    Please watch the video below to learn more!

  • Please note the following before uploading photos:

        >  Currently there is no "portrait album" available. Additional information about portrait uploads will be
             forthcoming - we appreciate your patience.

        >  If you are not sure which album to use for your upload, please refer to the examples of what type of
            photo could be in each album.

        >  If you are still not sure which album to use for your upload, choose the one that most closely matches the
            content of the photos!

        >  Contributing photos is optional.

    Click the name of the album to which you'd like to add photos in order to get started.

    We thank you in advance for your contribution to the 2020-2021 RBMS Yearbook! :)

RBMS Photo Upload Albums