• CAMPUS is an academic and college preparation program designed to meet the specific needs of students from historically  campus_graphic underrepresented groups in higher education and prospective first-generation college students in Loudoun County Public Schools (LCPS). CAMPUS was initiated in 2002 and now serves approximately 500 selected students in grades 9-12.


    CAMPUS supports students through:


    • Academic enrichment and support
    • Self-advocacy skills development
    • College and university visits
    • College and scholarship preparation
    • Careful course selection
    • Community service projects and activities


    Parents are an integral part of CAMPUS and its success. Parents are encouraged to participate in CAMPUS initiatives and to support their students in the college search and application process.


    Click here for the 2018-19 CAMPUS Calendar of Events and Activities

    Click here to visit the LCPS County Campus Page


    SBHS Campus Contacts:

    CAMPUS Facilitator:  Devon Brown

    CAMPUS Counselor:  Trish Garrett



    Phone: 571-252-2200   Fax: 571-252-2201