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    Background Information

    As I retrun to Smart's Mill Middle school for my 3rd year, I have taken on the role of Instructional Specialist within the Math and Autism Programs. I have over 22 years of teaching experience spanning Prince William County, Virginia Beach City, and  now Loudoun County. I have taught all core subjects in both the inclusion and self-contained settings and worked with students with all ranges of abilities. Education is a family affair as my husband has also taught in the public school system for 22 years. I have 2 daughters who attend Loudoun County Schools and who are actively involved in local travel sports. 



    Planning times (Subject to change): A Days Block 5-6   B Days Block 4/ Block 8

    Email: Catherine.flanagan@lcps.org                                              


    Math 7 Syllabus


    Please click on the provided link to access the Math 7 Syllabus!

    Math 7 Syllabus


    9 Week Plan (Subject to change as necessary)

    Week 1: Introduction to Math 7 - expectations, Google Classroom set up

    Week 2: MAP Testing and baselines

    Week 3: Introducation to Integers (+, -)/ Absolute Value

    Week 4: ALEKS and Computing Integers (x, /)/ Integer review

    Week 5: Unit 1 Integer Assessment/ Introduction to Fractoions, Percents, Decimals

    Week 6: Introduction to Number Sense-Scienctific Notation and Exponents

    Week 7: Perfect Squares and Square Roots

    Week 8: Unit 2 Number Sense Assessment

    Week 9: Introduction to Ptoperties- Order of Operations