• BYOT@Madison's Trust begins on October 3rd, 2016!
    Here are the files from the parent information session:
    BYOT Presentation- Review the presentation given during the 2 parent presentation sessions
    BYOT Stoplight- This is a copy of what is in every classroom at Madison's Trust
    BYOT Contract - This MUST be filled out and returned to your students classroom teacher before your student begins bringing in their technology. 
    Apps and Bookmarks requested by Grade Level- See a list of all of the Apps and Bookmarks that each grade levels teachers would like on the devices before they are brought in.
    All teachers at Madison's Trust will be a Certified Digital Educator for the 2016-2017 school year. They have taught many digital citizenship lessons to your students in preparation for BYOT. Visit CommonSenseMedia.Org to find out more about what digital citizenship lessons your child has learned.