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    Jennifer Heath

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    Department: Fresh Start
    A Day: Time 12:29-2:29
    B Day: Time 9:15-10:49

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    Fresh Start Program 

       We are a program for students who receive special education services to address primarily a behavior-based disorder.  These behavioral issues can be related to an emotional disability, ADHD issues, anxieties, mood disorder, conduct disorder, autism and more.  As a group, we may have some secondary learning disabilities and some processing deficits, but our primary concerns are behavior in nature.  We are NOT cognitively challenged.

        We are a very diverse group of learners.  Some of us are social and work best in groups in an active environment.  Others of us prefer to work independently and in a quiet environment.  Some of us have trouble getting into the school and have a hard time leaving the security of room 21.  Some of us are court involved, truancy involved or engage in other destructive behaviors.  But ALL of us are working, at some level, to behave like everyone else in the building and be able to spend the day productively.

         Historically, we are a bright group. We are in the band. We play sports. We go to Monroe. We have jobs in the community. We are in AP classes.

       For most of us, transition and change are difficult. We need to be aware of routine changes.  Our reactions can range from overreaction to shutting down. Unfortunately, we let outside factors influence us, so sometimes we struggle with making good choices and reacting appropriately to an unpredicted event. Some days we are difficult, and other days we are stellar!

        We encourage you to stop by our room and see what we do and how we do it.  Please maintain contact with us so that we can support you and our shared students when they are with you.  Your input is invaluable.  We can also be a resource for you in identifying strategies that might work with other challenging students in your classes. Please fill out data reports when given and return to Ms. Heath. We will periodically be entering your room to observe student behaviors and needs.  (Room 21)

    • Bachelors:  Mercyhurst College 
    • Masters:  Geroge Mason (Current)