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    Beth Lopez

    Department: English

    A Days:
    Block 1:  English 11A (w/Romero), room 304
    Block 2:  English 11A (w/Angulo), room 304 
    Block 3:  CAMPUS, room 304
    Block 4:  English 9H, room 304
    B Days:
    Block 5:  English 11A (w/Angulo), room 304
    Block 6:  Planning, room 304
    Block 7:  English 11A (w/Clemens), room 304
    Block 8:  Planning, room 304

     Phoenix             Schoology

    Ms. Lopez and Mrs. Ferguson

        Class of 2025 sponsors, Ms. Lopez and Mrs. Ferguson   


              Ms. Lopez has been employed by Loudoun County Public Schools since 2007 as a substitute teacher, a Learning Specialist, and an English teacher.  This is her eighth year teaching at Broad Run High School.  In 1988, Ms. Lopez graduated from Connecticut College (https://www.conncoll.edu) with a Bachelor of Arts, double majoring in English and Psychology.  After working for two years as a paralegal in New York City, she returned to school, receiving her Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School (https://www.brooklaw.edu) in June of 1993 and passing the New York State Bar examination in August of that year.  Ms. Lopez practiced law in New York City for a few years before starting a family and moving to Virginia, where she stayed at home to raise her three children, all of whom graduated from Broad Run High School.  Ms. Lopez was actively involved in the Ashburn and Loudoun County Public Schools communities during that time, serving many years as a P.T.O./P.T.A. board member, classroom/P.T.O. volunteer, front office volunteer, and soccer/swim team mom for four area schools.  In 2016, Ms. Lopez returned to school again, entering George Mason University's Graduate School of Education (https://gse.gmu.edu) and completing a Master of Education in Special Education in August of 2018, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Students with Disabilities who Access the General Curriculum in November of 2018.  She holds a postgraduate professional license with endorsements in English and Special Education - General Curriculum K-12.  In 2018, she co-founded The Breakfast Club with Mrs. Quinn, providing life skills instruction before school each week, and she currently serves, along with Mrs. Ferguson, as class sponsor for the Broad Run High School class of 2025.

              This year, Ms. Lopez is teaching CAMPUS, one English 9 class, and four English 11 classes, including two with Mrs. Angulo, one with Mrs. Clemens, and one with Mr. Romero.  Students can find relevant information regarding, and materials for, her English classes in Schoology.  Ms. Lopez can be contacted at beth.lopez@lcps.org or at 571-252-2300, should you wish to reach her.  She is available to assist students before school, during 6th and 8th blocks, or by appointment.